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As promised, here is another one of Czar's finest creations. NBA Live 10 Exclusive Video: Czarisode 2: Season 2.

"Big Czar is back from the great north and brings the Sim Nation all over the world a new shot about one his favorite things about NBA Live 10, Strategic Control."

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# 1 donkey33 @ 09/10/09 05:34 AM
Love that intro song

Great stuff Czar. Will comment after watching it some more.
# 2 NELL86 @ 09/10/09 05:41 AM
Like Czar said live is back and servin that virutal crack lol
# 3 BiggD @ 09/10/09 05:44 AM
oh man you spoil us Czar!

great to see the AI will use Lebron,Wade and Iso guys correctly..

where is this damm demo...I'm dying here
# 4 marcoyk @ 09/10/09 05:46 AM
Awesome, thanks Czar. This game's looking pretty nice.
# 5 jr2424 @ 09/10/09 05:48 AM
Excellent as always
# 6 Mr.Wednesday @ 09/10/09 05:57 AM
Sweetness! Thanks again Czar.
# 7 RayDog253 @ 09/10/09 06:04 AM
Off to watch...
# 8 tanner99 @ 09/10/09 06:10 AM
great pre-school read!
# 9 RayDog253 @ 09/10/09 06:14 AM
Another great vid Czar. I'm liking everything I'm seeing, especially the AI, and the strategy and creativeness that goes into beating the defense.
Again great vid.....now where's that darn demo.
# 10 jordankobewade7 @ 09/10/09 06:27 AM
FINNNAAALLLLY, nba LIVE, has come BACK, to SIMMMMNATION (relevance)...lol, shout out to the rock on that one,frm bac when wrestling was sick(wwf not e)
anyway, man these czar videos really hav me beyond stoked,bcuz this is a true unbiased eval...somethin ican respect as a true basketball fan n sum1 who loves to play in both video games and in real life,much appreciated bro
# 11 RayDog253 @ 09/10/09 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by authentic24
I feel u bro.... if it was a game i didn't care for the demo would have been up by now.
LOL, yeah It's always like that, anticipation is a b****.
# 12 zakarias @ 09/10/09 06:42 AM
Wow and wow.

Cant wait for the demo...
# 13 RayDog253 @ 09/10/09 06:43 AM
Wow!!! I just noticed what you was talking about with the lebron sequence. You kept beating him left, so on the last play he cut off your left forcing you to around the back to your right.

to Live 10, the devs, and the Czar for showcasing this awesomeness.

Amazing, simply amazing.
# 14 rockchisler @ 09/10/09 06:43 AM
Yeah that was crazy.
# 15 rebe1 @ 09/10/09 06:47 AM
Hopefully the next episode will have him showing us the defending of these moves when not in a mismatch. Anyways, looking really good, can't wait till the demo drops.
# 16 frostbyte06 @ 09/10/09 06:48 AM
That wasn't even right what you did to Harrington with Lebron...
# 17 greenegt @ 09/10/09 06:56 AM
It's the Czar!! Thanks for vid #2. Live looks absolutely sick. I can not wait for this game. Too bad the demo isn't out today.
# 18 SageInfinite @ 09/10/09 06:57 AM
Sick man, just sick. I wish I was playing that demo right now. So upset.
# 19 HoosierDaddy @ 09/10/09 07:20 AM
I don't think I can wait another week.... *sighs*
# 20 XxX syntax XxX @ 09/10/09 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by HoosierDaddy
I don't think I can wait another week.... *sighs*
Once again AMAZEING vid..Nba live 10 comes close to real basketball as it gets

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