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EA Sports just sent us this OS exclusive video from FIFA Soccer 10, featuring My Live Season.

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# 1 marcoyk @ 09/21/09 05:58 PM
Nice! The thing there that jumped out at me was updated starting lineups. I can't wait.
# 2 TOSDTSG @ 09/21/09 06:08 PM
need help watching video
# 3 Steve_OS @ 09/21/09 08:47 PM
If you are having issues viewing the movie, check our Youtube site.

# 4 StormJH1 @ 09/22/09 11:12 AM
So, when he said "visit EA Store", and was talking about individual leagues or packages, that means we have to BUY this feature that's already on the disc, right? $5? $10? Nice, EA. In terms of product quality, EA really is turning things around in recent times, but this microtransaction stuff is really a black eye for them.
# 5 buzzguy @ 09/23/09 11:13 AM
I dunno...league results are organic. Once you win a game for your club that was lost IRL, everything changes! It no longer will reflect real results, and ends-up just being "manager mode" via DLC. I'm skeptical on this, and will probably just stick to the online 'club fixtures' that change every week. That mode was great the last 2 years, so why change now?
# 6 roolz @ 09/23/09 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by fjccommish
I couldn't watch the video with the sound on, someone tell the narrator he doesn't have to shout everything.
Its Martin Tyler - Mr Sky Sports commentary, very OTT and prone to girlish screams especially if some of his 'favourite' teams score.
# 7 StormJH1 @ 09/24/09 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by baa7
I disagree. They're offering a new feature that hasn't been part of the game before. And if you intend on utilizing that feature, you pay for it -- just as you would if you signed up to play on any online website. You can't knock them for adding interesting new content in order to make money -- everyone is out to get your money, it's not just EA. Now if the FIFA game and gameplay regresses and is lacking because the developers devoted all their time to this new feature, that would be different. Then people would have a valid complaint and concern.
Isn't getting "new features that haven't been a part of the game before" the entire purpose of paying $60 for a sequel? It's not like I have an opportunity to try it out before paying for it, either.

This microtransaction stuff doesn't need to be going on in full-priced games. It's one thing to buy a $20 game and have the choice to add epsiodic content to it or new game modes piece-by-piece. But when you advertise new features in a game, pay $60 to get the game and then find out you need to pay additional money to unlock said new features, they'd just as well raise the retail price to $70, or sell roster/patch pack for $20.

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