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Could EA takeover THQ? Saw this over at PastaPadre.

"As a THQ shareholder, I'm obviously biased in favor of a deal. But just take an objective look at the video-game industry landscape, and you'll see that the rumor-mongers just might be on the money, with EA playing the part of buyer.

EA's flagship sports game business is clearly in trouble. Despite stellar reviews, Madden NFL 2009 failed to excite consumers and thus suffered a unit sales decline from last year's edition. And if a critically-acclaimed Madden game can't move units, how well can NHL 10 and FIFA Soccer 10 possibly do in a holiday season chock-full of megahits like Activision's (ATVI) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Microsoft's (MSFT) Halo 3: ODST?

EA clearly needs a new sports hit, and THQ's hugely successful Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise would fit that role to a T. 2010's competing EA Sports MMA game will face an uphill battle in generating big sales numbers, simply because it doesn't have a well-known brand like UFC to attach to it. EA could fix that problem by using some of its cash hoard on buying THQ."

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# 1 sb24 @ 09/23/09 07:53 AM
Not good IMO.
# 2 DaReapa @ 09/23/09 08:37 AM
That may be all fine and dandy for EA from a business standpoint, but it would be a loss for the consumer. Complacency with having no competition would be inevitable for EA just as we have witnessed it happen with Madden. That's the reason why a lot of consumers, myself included, were happy that the EA/Take Two deal never fell through. What EA needs to do is let the drop off in unit sales drive them to become more creative in putting out a quality product instead of constantly trying buyout the competition to compensate for their lack of innovation.
# 3 TreyIM2 @ 09/23/09 10:18 AM
It's all about UFC, if you ask me. Like it was said in the article, EA's MMA title will be of a lesser name and the competition between THQ's title would be tough for EA, just like one of the possible biggest reason's for EA wanting Take Two, before, was NBA 2K. They are really looking like a company that wants to COMPLETELY snuff out the competition and I'm actually starting to believe, now, that EA initiated the NFL license take over instead of the opposite being reported.

DaReapa - I agree with you to a degree. I never completely thought competition stimulates better games and I think, contrary to belief and you can check all the different features Madden has tried over the year, that Madden has tried to be VERY innovative. It's just that Madden's problem has been that they would try to do these things that they thought were innovative instead of fixing the core gameplay. This year's Madden, they did try, but I think the problem with some of their legacy issues in the game still being apparent is inherent with their sports engine. I still see legacy issues in the Live 10 demo, as well, and I think all their sports games use the same engine which is the foundation that they can't just tear out because the building would completely collapse, dig? Hopefully, they have a new engine that's been in development and they can whip it out sooner or later because I'm sure it takes years of devving and getting the kinks out, as much as possible, for it to work right.
# 4 bkfount @ 09/23/09 10:58 AM
It's somewhat disappointing to see this turn into another hate EA thing, when the first paragraph of the link even mentions many companies being interested in THQ, including time warner, viacom, and news corp. These companies are ahead of EA in ability and desire to buy THQ. The Wall Street Journal even mentions how these companies may pay a premium for THQ.

# 5 DubTrey1 @ 09/23/09 11:29 AM
I suppose this was only inevitable. EA recognizes good IP's and makes sense to move in on them and utilize them if possible. I only hope they flourish under EA's hand rather than the assumed "lack of comp" that most think will happen and the games fall off.
# 6 texbuk84 @ 09/23/09 12:32 PM
here we go again
# 7 Mr.Wednesday @ 09/23/09 01:57 PM
What about a Microsoft takeover of EA?

# 8 LucianoJJ @ 09/23/09 02:47 PM
History Lesson
Peter Moore once was in charge of the Sega Dreamcast. Dreamcast died in part because EA wouldn't make games for the DC. Sony had the advantage in this regard. Peter Moore ran MS Xbox 360 through the initial launch. Peter Moore left MS to run EA Sports. EA Sports has shown some improvement, and its games have a bit more polish since Moore took over. Now MS may be buying EA.
Does this mean Moore will be the next boss over all of EA? Bye-bye Riccitello. Will Sony get stiffed out of EA titles? Is Peter Moore the mole?
# 9 JkA3 @ 09/23/09 04:45 PM
to comment no the post prior to mine.

EA won't stiff Sony. Sony's sales are sky high and growing. With the quality that Sony has in its system, and the number of ps3 owners growing - EA can't loose that base market.
# 10 Ænima @ 09/23/09 06:28 PM
There's no way EA would ever bail on Sony. That would be a huge loss of money. I know plenty of people - self-included - that want nothing to do with Microsoft consoles.

If EA stopped producing games for the PlayStation line, I'd stop playing new sports games. I don't have any irrational MS hate - I've just had three 360's RROD on me and I refuse to support a gaming company that puts out terrible hardware.
# 11 xrams @ 09/24/09 03:48 PM
I dare say that since I'm in the Boycott EA camp and a PS3 60gb owner, MS buy out of EA would be the Best News ever.... truth be told EA needs the PS3 not vice versa.... hence the need for MS to procure EA's IP's in the 1st place (if this is at all true).... EA's IP's have still yet to apply the full potential the PS3 hardware has to offer... if anything EA makes the PS3 look bad do to lack of effort.... but most of all the NFL would have to break the contract with EA.... which would make me very very very happy....!!!!!

Sony's PS3 business plan early on was to own a cadre of oridinal IP teams.... which it has done very well so far.....
# 12 savoie2006 @ 09/28/09 05:14 AM
Is Peter Moore the mole?
Kind of makes you wonder huh? Maybe he was sent to EASports to help lure such a deal, but only after he got each series on the right track, which at this point appears to be the case.
# 13 LucianoJJ @ 09/28/09 05:20 PM
With the improvements to FIFA, NHL, and more attention given Madden and NBA Live, Moore might be a good kind of mole. I wish he would show the same attention to making NCAA Football as good as it can be.
# 14 TCF @ 09/29/09 01:23 AM
im surprised nobody has thrown the monopolizing takeover at EA. If my history serves me correctly President Theodore Roosevelt made it ILLEGAL for companies to monopolize anything.
# 15 Eton Rifles @ 09/29/09 06:15 AM
Helps EA a lot. You perhaps get that UFC licence and you get not one but 2 good open world games in Saints Row and Red faction. Really looks good in their profile.
# 16 LionsFanNJ @ 10/02/09 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by TCF
im surprised nobody has thrown the monopolizing takeover at EA. If my history serves me correctly President Theodore Roosevelt made it ILLEGAL for companies to monopolize anything.
Its not a monopoly. For one EA isn't even the biggest gaming publisher out. That award goes to Activision/Blizzard. EA's in second place. Could be a large factor as to why they're going after THQ's lineup.

As to the guys talking about NASCAR. you know Sony has exclusive rights for that right? The only NASCAR game will be a part of Gran Tursimo and its ever up in the air release date.
# 17 LionsFanNJ @ 10/02/09 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by cptnobvious
Especially with the crap with EA has thrown out as "games" recently. Between the sorry excuses of NASCAR games and then just skipping it was a "NASCAR kart" game this year, and the sorry excuses of Madden recently, what we don't need is for EA to become bigger.
Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Army of Two, etc aren't crap. Don't let the Madden detractors dilute what EA releases.
# 18 OpusX910 @ 10/04/09 08:08 PM
I think the reason they are trying to do this, is because they've dumped money into their MMA game, and have realized they wont be able to come near UFC Unleashed...ever. So they'll do what they did when 2k had a far better football game, try to take it out of the market...fck EA
# 19 PantherBeast_OS @ 10/13/09 05:55 AM
Ea is trying to ruin gameing world. EA has enough trouble already keeping their game sales from going down even farther. Why add to the problems. Buying another company is just going ruin that company aswell. Madden has not done all that well ever since it has come to the next Gen consoles. This year is no different. Madden 10 still looked kind of crappy from all of the gltiches and bugs. I think EA needs to stay away from THQ and Yukes and fixes the problems they currently have with their own games.
# 20 Eton Rifles @ 10/13/09 07:50 AM
Panther I understand your frustration but EA stockholders only care about game Sales and profit. With all the Licences that THQ have it would great in the EA portfolio.

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