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Patch #1 for Madden NFL 10 is now available for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Please post your impressions here.

"What's in the first title update:

Added Super Bowl and Playoff Field conditions for Online Franchise
Fixed False Start Grieving issues with Online games
Fixed video player issue where video would hang on latent connections
Improved uploaded highlight quality
Switched ranked online games to 7 min Q's
Fixed random stability issues
Added Broadcast Cam!

Gameplay Specific fixes:

Tuned slider effectiveness (Run blocking and broken tackles esp.)
Changes run blocking slider to not effect special teams
Made fatigue effect ratings more
Fixed WR release to where receivers release to both sides
Fixed incorrect spotting on punts out of bounds
Reduced/removed holding on kicking plays
Improved toe drag catch logic
Improved pursuit angles for outside running plays
Fixed defenders in pursuit running away from O-Line
Better play recognition in man coverage
Fixed double pass online exploit"

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# 1 Kayotick @ 09/24/09 04:59 AM
Initial impressions are that AFL mode is awesome! Finally some content worth dropping the money on in a sports game. Broadcast camera is sweet although I prefer using the zoom camera I can find myself watching some cpu vs cpu games and tinkering with coach mode some while using this camera. . . Another thing I noticed is that my NFL Films music now plays during the game as before it would play all the EA Trax that would play even though I have none of them selected in the menus.
# 2 Kramer5150 @ 09/24/09 05:02 AM
Only played 1 quarter,but I finally saw the refs come together on a Fitz catch by the sideline...both ruled he was in bounds....I had NEVER seen this one before (sideline rulings)

I am currently using Waaaaazups sliders,and I totally forgot to check out the sliders,but I was still able to generate a decent ground game in the 1st quarter.

I won't be using the broadcast cam,it's really tough to gauge passing routes and such. The Cards scored a td to end the 1st,and it was nice to be able to make some adjustments on the pat.

Overall in my limited time,it seems to be better than before. Hopefully somebody will give the sliders a tweak,and see if lb's in the 34 can actually get some sacks.
# 3 bjf1377 @ 09/24/09 05:03 AM
First off, Kayotick, you can't have pics in sigs.

Secondly, I feel like a newb. I got the patch, got the DLC, restarted my game, and I can't get into AFL mode. I can use the jerseys, but I can't get the mode going
# 4 bcruise @ 09/24/09 05:04 AM
Just reposting a few of my comments from the other threads -

Good news - OLD replays (from before the patch) can be re-uploaded to easportsworld with the improved quality! They also take twice as long because it doesn't immediately go through the "uploading highlight" part (maybe that explains the low quality)

Pre-emptive strike - BC does not appear to work in practice mode (with defense or without). Works fine in regular games.

Dunno if it was there before, but the AFL legacy pack is now on the Madden Shop as well (the unlock file for it, basically). $7.00

Sorry it's nothing more substantial, but it's late and I'm just trying to get a few of my highlight videos changed over to the new quality before bed.
# 5 Kayotick @ 09/24/09 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by bjf1377
First off, Kayotick, you can't have pics in sigs.

Secondly, I feel like a newb. I got the patch, got the DLC, restarted my game, and I can't get into AFL mode. I can use the jerseys, but I can't get the mode going
BJF fixed! You need to press R2 to activate it before you begin selecting the uniforms.
# 6 DakkoN @ 09/24/09 05:18 AM
"AFL Legacy Mode" was on the main menu until I downloaded the AFL Legacy Pack. Now it's not there anymore. How do I get into it?
# 7 bjf1377 @ 09/24/09 05:19 AM
Originally Posted by DakkoN
"AFL Legacy Mode" was on the main menu until I downloaded the AFL Legacy Pack. Now it's not there anymore. How do I get into it?
Ok, glad I'm not the only one....
# 8 warhorseballa06 @ 09/24/09 05:24 AM
i must say the AFL content is awesome!! kinda wished they would have gotten some "old heads" in to do the commentary instead of collingsworth and co. .. it woulda gave it that true old school feel
# 9 marcoyk @ 09/24/09 05:30 AM
Nice! Can't wait. I'm really looking forward to trying out the broadcast cam.
# 10 DakkoN @ 09/24/09 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by XxBulls2ThaChipxX
hopefully next year we can get Jon Gruden and Chris Collingsworth.
Jon Gruden isn't even who calls games with Chris Collinsworth. It's Al Michaels. Besides, wishful thinking doesn't belong in this thread, this is for impressions and stuff that has do with the patch.
# 11 stanfordk1d @ 09/24/09 05:37 AM
Is the 49er helmet color fixed in this patch???
# 12 sgtspit @ 09/24/09 05:40 AM
Wow,does play smoother,gonna try to play with default sliders..
# 13 warhorseballa06 @ 09/24/09 05:41 AM
this game went from good, to outstanding!
# 14 DakkoN @ 09/24/09 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by XxBulls2ThaChipxX
Whoa!!!! a previous post stated that they would have liked to have some old school guys calling the AFL games. I was just saying that for announcers it would be cool to have the already present Chris Collingsworth and Jon Gruden, I have freedom of speech and it's not wishful thinking I could care less who announces, I was just stating my opinion.
This is a privately owned forum, your freedom of speech goes out the window when you agree to the terms of service to join the forum. It IS wishful thinking when you specifically say "hopefully next year"
# 15 sgtspit @ 09/24/09 05:45 AM
im just happy i can finally start my season now
# 16 DakkoN @ 09/24/09 05:46 AM
The "Stars of the Game" graphic looks awesome in AFL mode. Looks like old school trading cards instead of just boring old pictures.
# 17 Kayotick @ 09/24/09 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by bjf1377
Ok, glad I'm not the only one....
From the team select you will see the Activate AFL mode flash at the bottom, just press R2 and you will see a little icon pop up.
# 18 DakkoN @ 09/24/09 05:48 AM
Also I like that the rock music is disabled during the AFL games. It only plays the NFL films music in the stadium.
# 19 Kayotick @ 09/24/09 05:48 AM
Another quick impression, they fixed the handles disappearing on the cut scene with players on the cardio bike.


It still happens on the phone cutscene
# 20 carnalnirvana @ 09/24/09 05:50 AM

my area of interest was the man coverage the AFL mode wont be touched by me, so i dont have impressions about that

the man coverage:

they did fix the bump and run BUT that was it IMO for the positive fixes...

a LB for example if the TE ran an inside post 2 times the LB would back peddle and get beaten on the cut inside probably give up a catch the third time the LB will off the snap turn and run down field and some how swat the ball down while running( jogging) facing the opposite direction

NOW THIS IS NOT NEW but to really fix this have the LB jam the dude rough him up get a penalty something that obeys the laws of humanity( i hate the word realism on the boards).

same for DB's why are these dudes still back peddling for 20 yds I AM SORRY i want to be happy and positive in the fresh new impressions thread but what i was hoping for was not touched

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