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2K Sports has posted another NBA Developer Insights. This one features NBA 2K10 Crews / Team-Up.

"Think of Crews as an online clan, a collection of friends and online players who want to play together as a team and compete against other groups. One thing to note: Crews do not require you to have a My Player character to play. If you want, your Crew can simply take control of any of the available 30 NBA teams.

We didnít just want Crews to be a simple group with a name tag; we wanted to give them an identity that actually sets them apart from each other. After all, when developing rivalries and dominating the online world, you want your Crew to stick out and be remembered, right?

When you create your Crew, youíll have a lot of flexibility in things from logo design and jerseys, to playbooks and rosters to use. You can select any playbook or roster from the current NBA teams with your Crew. So if I wanted to, I could create a Crew that used the Hawks playbook and the Trail Blazers roster. These can be changed later if you want."

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# 1 Rockafella2x @ 09/25/09 06:12 PM
dang pretty cool I think things will be a little funky with the crews+MyPlayer though every one is gonna pick the super teams as there default roster team and you will have your supe MyPlayer and will be able to sub him out just to bring in Kobe and etc...

so like 7'5'' centers with Dwight Howard playing PF
# 2 infam0us @ 09/25/09 06:38 PM
Do you get skill points in crew for using your "MyPlayer" player? If not there really is any incentive on using your player in that mode and therefore I think most people will be using the elite teams only and the Grizzlies.
# 3 iRunTheShowTS22 @ 10/01/09 04:16 PM
hey how many users do you need to play a game? Can you have 2 and the 3 others controlled by the computer?
# 4 bemo03 @ 12/18/09 05:33 PM
im so glad you bumped this...

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