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Here is part 2 of our Association screenshots from NBA 2K10.

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# 1 tanner99 @ 09/27/09 07:00 PM
nice! ill be checkin them out now.
# 2 tanner99 @ 09/27/09 07:05 PM
lookin gooood
# 3 WTF @ 09/27/09 07:05 PM
Off to check...
# 4 youvalss @ 09/27/09 07:11 PM
Stuckey is happy and that's good! But "the star of this team"? I'm not sure...
# 5 insideoutside15 @ 09/27/09 07:12 PM
I really like that the draft seemed to have real future superstars for once. The first overall pick wound up being rated 85 overall, very nice. The lack of cyberfaces is pretty annoying, but I can live with it. One thing I did notice that bugged me was that the Timberwolves used their capspace to sign Lamarcus Aldridge.
# 6 DaoudS @ 09/27/09 07:20 PM
this doesn't make sense to me. They want to lower the ratings (which they have) of everyone in the league, yet multiple rookies come in rated 79+?

I get the feeling the lowered ratings don't apply to rookies.
# 7 DaoudS @ 09/27/09 07:36 PM
Originally Posted by stewaat
You have two choices:
A) Use customized draft classes
B) Make your own ratings for rookies
Yeah, I am going to have to. But I was expecting the ratings to be more in tone with the overall ratings in the game.

PS: I wish they would let you play commissioner so you can approve trades and signings.
# 8 drewbs @ 09/27/09 08:07 PM
lol at Lebron James opting out of his contract.
# 9 cmaff05 @ 09/27/09 08:29 PM
Will Bynum rejects your 3 year offer despite him being a restricted free agent and not having a single other offer? What is up with that?

Glad to see a qualifying offer option in the offseason menus. I guess you had no players this season that were up for qualifying offers?

What is up with the option for re-negotiating contracts? Does that mean we can offer extensions to current players on our roster? That would be nice. I don't remember that feature being in 2k10. However, it does seem like a "restructure contract" option instead, and as far as I know, the CBA does not allowed NBA teams to restructure contracts. Rip's contract ends in 2012, yet the Pistons can attempt to restructure his contract and eliminate 2 years? WTF?
# 10 youvalss @ 09/27/09 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by cmaff05
Will Bynum rejects your 3 year offer despite him being a restricted free agent and not having a single other offer? What is up with that?
This is going to break DC's heart...
# 11 thareezen @ 09/27/09 08:36 PM
thanx for this
# 12 youvalss @ 09/27/09 08:39 PM
2K took a risk with that expression feature. But if the game plays great, I don't think anyone will complain about the faces.
# 13 malky @ 09/27/09 08:54 PM
uggh, I was hoping they would have a better draft screen instead of the plain straight forward screen we've seen for the past few years. I guess it's only in player mode then.
# 14 500bloc @ 09/27/09 09:26 PM

I like how the rookies seem more realistic in their player roles and how they have some type of definition.
# 15 str8artist @ 09/28/09 07:33 AM
Looking good...We should be getting the demo this week.
# 16 JkA3 @ 09/28/09 11:01 AM
headed to check these out. thanks.
# 17 texasgmr @ 09/29/09 10:53 AM
Thanks for this!

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