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NBA 10: The Inside Videos
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# 1 str8artist @ 09/29/09 12:04 AM
B roy highlight reel..NICE
# 2 Kevin_D @ 09/29/09 04:05 AM
That was dumb. Didn't show anything.. lol
# 3 jlmjlm @ 09/29/09 06:45 AM
lmao psp only now...didnt they use to be in ps3...wow NBA 2k took all the money
# 4 youvalss @ 09/29/09 12:09 PM
WTF was that?! I can upload a highlight video of Paul Pierce and put a logo of a game at the end and say: "NBA SuperStar 2010" - coming soon!
Anyone can create his own game trailer, yay!

Sony should take a vacation...
# 5 DJ @ 09/29/09 12:24 PM
I downloaded the 10 demo and to me, it's worse than last year's game.
# 6 Altimus @ 09/29/09 02:47 PM
Worse trailer ever. If I wanted to watch highlight reals of Brandon Roy, I would have YouTubed it.
# 7 RayAllen20 @ 09/29/09 05:33 PM
Guys I could be wrong now...but I think those are actual highlights from NBA 10. I think they have perfected graphics!!!!

But seriously, what was the point of that trailer?
# 8 NINJAK2 @ 09/29/09 06:26 PM
#1 rated sim on the PSP? Wasn't it the only NBA sim on the psp?
# 9 eDotd @ 09/29/09 11:48 PM
Damn the game looks amazing

C'mon how you gonna show a debut trailer and not show the game. That ain't right.
# 10 DJ @ 09/29/09 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by MomentousCeltic
Damn the game looks amazing

C'mon how you gonna show a debut trailer and not show the game. That ain't right.
Trust me, you aren't missing much. I hope 2k can deliver a game that's worth shelling out money for on the PSP.
# 11 duke776 @ 09/30/09 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by MomentousCeltic
C'mon how you gonna show a debut trailer and not show the game. That ain't right.
Man you're just blindly hating, didn't you see those tiny screens on the psp's with the stunning gameplay?
# 12 lakers4life @ 10/03/09 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by Vikingfan84
Yeah, seriously. Why don't they put the game on the big screen so we can see it. Instead of on those little PSP screens you can't see.
Cos the game sucks and they know it
# 13 NBAvidgameFAN @ 10/04/09 06:38 PM
nba 09 was fun ONLINE, but nba 10 im not even sure if it features online at all? thats FAIL if so...
# 14 youvalss @ 10/04/09 11:21 PM
I hope they didn't spend much time on this trailer, because there are dozens of trailers like this in youtube for free...
# 15 DTX3 @ 10/05/09 02:36 PM
Damn those graphics look so real.
# 16 youvalss @ 10/05/09 04:59 PM
Workout & Gym trailer:


WOW! This game has real workouts! And they did such a great job on Roy's face!

# 17 NBAvidgameFAN @ 10/05/09 05:15 PM
lol...well I Think everyones going with 2K10 this year if they are getting a PSP Video Game but those graphics in that video and gym workout are insane who thought PSP could have those types of graphcis, unreal.
# 18 DW3 @ 10/06/09 06:55 AM
they might as well stick tovproducing baseball games lol! a highlight clip advertising a game that shows no gameplay! BRoy is getting a free check!
# 19 youvalss @ 10/06/09 09:30 AM
I had SF2005 on my PS2. This game was ahead of its time. Too bad the controls weren't responsive and that the CPU could score hookshots from the FT all day long. But the signature moves there were the best for its time.
# 20 AUChase @ 10/09/09 09:10 AM
Since they showed us actual basketball footage, it makes you wonder how bad the game is, lol..

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