Formula One 2009 News Post

Gamespot has posted their hands-on preview of F1 2009. Sounds pretty good, actually.

"The upcoming F1 2009 for Nintendo Wii from Codemasters comes with a lot of good news, but before we get to that, let's talk about the obvious: on the Wii, F1 2009 is not a great-looking game. I don't really understand why Codies chose the Wii as the platform for its F1 debut--the game is also coming to PSP this year--because the platform just doesn't seem to have the horsepower to portray the sport in all its multicolor, hyperspeed glory. Despite a relatively solid frame rate (at least in the preview build I've played) and a great sense of speed, there's a segment of F1 fans out there that will likely be put off by the Wii version's pixilated cars and bland textures.

Too bad for them. Because F1 2009 drives like a dream.

I first played the game at TGS 2009--driving a few laps at Suzuka--and came away impressed with the default control scheme. Having driven several full-length races in F1's Career mode, I'm left with an even better impression, thanks in large part to a handling model that really conveys the power and agility of today's modern F1 machines. Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you accelerate by pressing the B button, brake with the Z button, and steer with the analog stick on the nunchuk. For cars equipped with the KERS boost system, you can enact eight seconds of boost per lap by holding down the C button on the nunchuk."

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