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Just plugged in NBA Live 10 and received the patch. What's in the patch you ask? Read all about it, right here.

Make sure you post your impressions here.

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# 1 NDIrish98 @ 10/26/09 09:46 AM
so is this the patch we been hearin about?
# 2 bonannogiovanni @ 10/26/09 09:47 AM
Tell us what's been changed, please.
# 3 lesnaree @ 10/26/09 09:48 AM
does anybody know what is it about?

it definitely doesn't fix the alien player in Chicago, maybe they will leave it to the DNA update.
# 4 Da_Czar @ 10/26/09 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by bonannogiovanni
Tell us what's been changed, please.
I'm trying to see if I notice anything. So far I have been dribbling the ball in the paint and it doesn seem to get stolen as fast. In fact I have been double team facing the basket in the paint and the ball was not stolen. In fact I was able to break out of it.

It will get taken still if your being ridiculous. The only other thing I have noticed is that the pick and rolls from the corner where the guy would go the wrong way now seem to be working. THANK GAWWWD !
EDIT right after posting I saw them do it the old way again however its been 8 times right out of 10 where It was more like 8 times wrong out of 10 before so who knows ?

I am trying to avoid a placebo effect so that is all I have noticed so far.

The dribbling in the paint is definitely adjusted. Just got an offensive rebound and had 3 dribbles without a shot and ball was not stolen.

manual back up is IN baby love IT !!!
# 5 Brownhornet @ 10/26/09 09:54 AM
it must be for the 360, nothing for PS3 in the form of the patch, but there was a dna update.
# 6 rockchisler @ 10/26/09 10:00 AM
fatigue for online games is still not working, even tho it looks like the fatigue toggle got switched from on to off, there are more fouls so far.
# 7 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 10/26/09 10:01 AM
Fouls????? Notice any changes???? Is this the Patch????
# 8 rockchisler @ 10/26/09 10:06 AM
but the fatigue...Dang...missed it again...
# 9 ExtremeGamer @ 10/26/09 10:07 AM
Renamed and stuck.
# 10 Da_Czar @ 10/26/09 10:12 AM
Teams definitely get into their offense quicker.
# 11 rockchisler @ 10/26/09 10:24 AM
Slightly off subject, the title says Patch 1, will there be a second patch coming?
# 12 ExtremeGamer @ 10/26/09 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by rockchisler
Slightly off subject, the title says Patch 1, will there be a second patch coming?
I named it that, I have nothing to say there won't be, but it seems like every sports game has gotten 2 patches.

I guess for naming purposes, better be safe than sorry.
# 13 The 24th Letter @ 10/26/09 10:28 AM
Someone play the Bulls and see if that nonsense is still happening...lol
# 14 Da_Czar @ 10/26/09 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by The 24th Letter
Someone play the Bulls and see if that nonsense is still happening...lol
what nonsense 24th ? I just played a quarter with them but didn't play much against them before the patch.. You mean the alien thing ? I thought that was a dna deal
# 15 The 24th Letter @ 10/26/09 10:33 AM
Yeah, that....lol. if its a DNA thing, cool..
# 16 Da_Czar @ 10/26/09 10:33 AM
Just started playing the cavs and Lebron is massaging the rock. Took the first 3 shots and is running the offense. I don't know if its the patch or the dna but the main guys appear to be more aggressive. Just played a qtr against Spurs and Ginobli was attacking attacking attacking. Just playing a 12 min qtr with diff teams to see what I see. The bulls were running and taking quick shots, san anton would setup but still had 4 fb pts in teh first 7 min of that qtr.

CPu seems much more aggressive in transition and halfcourt. These are just my initial impressions.
# 17 Bootzilla @ 10/26/09 10:34 AM
So far the only thing I am certain of is the manual post up/back down with the right stick click.

What I think I see: Cpu running more plays i.e. 4 passes on some possessions.

So far, no shenanigans with bigs doing crazy moves.

So far, no crazy turn around 3's.

Cpu missed some put backs. Didn't rocket dunk it back in.

Cpu controlled teammates playing better defense.

What I think I haven't seen: Not seeing any more fouls.

Cpu doesn't turn the ball over.

Granted, this was one half 12 min qtrs with two teams I never really play with so I could be imagining everything, ha ha.
# 18 ExtremeGamer @ 10/26/09 10:37 AM
I was hoping they would have got this out before the first game of Dynamic Season starting, bravo EA.
# 19 Bootzilla @ 10/26/09 10:44 AM
Looks like auto switch to the point guard is in. I've had a couple of bigs finish at the basket and it automatically switched to my point guard after the bucket.
# 20 Mintsa @ 10/26/09 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by rockchisler
but the fatigue...Dang...missed it again...
If this is true......how could that have been missed again ???

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