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In a 17-week season, it certainly is difficult to find a mid-way point. So, 8 weeks in seems just right to give my midseason awards. I understand that many of us (myself included) are just as immersed into our "regular" fantasy football leagues as we are into Operation Sports Fantasy Football. Whether you're doing just one or both of the Fantasy formats, you can debate away about my midseason awards:

Most Valuable Player: Adrian Peterson - It's not often a consensus #1 pick lives up to the hype, but All Day AP has done so. In his worst week he put up 9.5 points and a touchdown. In his best? 180 yards, 3 TDs and 38 points out of the gate against the Browns. Honorable Mention: Maurice Jones-Drew, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees

Biggest Bust: Steve Smith (Carolina) - If you happen to be one of the very lucky people who were in an auction draft and were "tricked" into bidding on the wrong Steve Smith (I know - I did this with Ryan Braun in a baseball draft) you got the last laugh here. While his NY Giants counterpart is lighting it up, the Panthers' Smith is ranked #32 among WR, right behind Mike Wallace (who?) of the Steelers. He's put up just 1 game of +100 yards receiving and one - yes, one - touchdown all season. For the #3 ranked WR coming into the season, that's a huge disappointment. Honorable Mention: Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, Kurt Warner.

Comeback Award: Ricky Williams - Not your first choice? Understandable. Consider this: Ricky has 6 TDs this year - more than the last 2 years combined. He is averaging 5.4 ypc - the most of his career. He's averaging 12.3 y/catch this year - he's never averaged more than 9.3. He has 0 fumbles - he had 5 last year. For a guy who many considered to be done - he's now the #27th ranked fantasy player (in points). Not too bad. Honorable Mention: Brett Favre, Carson Palmer

Sleeper Award: Miles Austin - Austin has put on a show over the last few weeks. After a 37-point effort that many worried was a fluke in week five against the Cheifs, Austin has followed that up with 29, and 13 point performances in the weeks to follow. And don't forget about his 10-point showing in week one. With apologies to Steve Smith, Austin has been the surprise star. Honorable Mention: Steve Smith, Ray Rice, Percy Harvin

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# 1 wwharton @ 11/06/09 12:21 PM
MVP:I agree with AP... for now. Favre's definitely taking some of the shine off though. If Brees keeps up his pace, I think it's even more amazing that he was picked so high in so many leagues as a QB and has been living up to the hype, but right now I'm with you with AP.

Biggest Bust: This is one I have to disagree with. Steve Smith is a decent choice but no way I pick him over Forte or LT. These guys were picked anywhere from 2 to 10 in every draft and have fallen faaaaaar short of expectations. I personally have to add McFadden to the list also because I thought this would be the year he broke out but that appears very, very wrong. Add Grant too but Steve Smith (CAR) is above both those guys.

Comeback Award: I like Ricky because he deserves credit for the great year he's having, but mine would go to Ocho Cinco. The man came out and said he stunk it up and stepped his game up and would be back to his beastly level this year and he's backed up every word.

Sleeper Award: I think Austin could be the winner at the end of the year but truthfully, he's only had 3 good games (I think... no more than 4). He could easily fall back down to earth, though I don't expect it. My award would go to Steve Smith... a guy that wasn't even drafted in many leagues, like Austin, but has been sitting with the big boys all season long. I think Harvin's a good pick too, and I'd put my boy Rice over all of them but the preseason hype was so high on him I don't know if he can be called a sleeper.

I forgot to sign up for the OS league before the season starts. I haven't really looked at it since so how can you keep up if you sign up now?
# 2 lgkeeper @ 11/06/09 06:39 PM
You can go after the weekly win!
# 3 Eski33 @ 11/07/09 04:10 PM
I agree with most. I think Forte has struggled but at no fault of his own. The Bears offensive line is terrible...Here are my picks:

HM: Brees, P. Manning, MJD

Bust -- TJ Houshamanzedah: Everyone thought he would put up big numbers in a pass happy Seahawks offense....
HM: Jake Delhomme

Comeback -- Ricky WIlliams is the choice

Sleeper: Austin Miles
HM: Tim Hightower -- This guy has put up solid numbers in an extremely quiet way

With the original poster, I also disagree that Slaton is a bust. The guy has put up solid numbers all year. Too bad he has been benched due to fumblitis....
# 4 DocHolliday @ 11/10/09 04:28 PM
Why is Warner in the bust section? I don't agree with alot of these, and Rice should be in MVP Consideration.

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