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The NBA 2K10 patch has been released for the 360. Please post all your impressions here.

The PS3 patch will be released at a later date.

What fixes are in the patch? Click here to find out.

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# 1 nuttyrich @ 11/06/09 04:36 AM
Game feels so much smoother, 2k Cam is fixed feels great. Side cam still feels sluggish but no slowdown just seems "slow" but doesn't hiccup like before.

In broadcast mode everything is just smooth. Carter drove coast to coast on me, Nelson pulled up for a Jumper when I over played him.

Night and day difference in the "feel" of the game.
# 2 franzis @ 11/06/09 04:38 AM
Please comment about improvements in gameplay, especially Defense, rotations, bullet passes in the paint and P&R!!!
# 3 portlandblazer @ 11/06/09 04:40 AM
i know this may be unimportant to many and it wasnt mentioned in the list of fixes but was anything done with the socks?

can someone check to see if sock color is editable again and if long socks glitch to black still?

also is red still pink?
# 4 CaCHooKa Man @ 11/06/09 04:43 AM
seems like my FTs are still lagging on the first of a two shot foul. the timing is different for the 1st free throw and i almost always miss it.
# 5 nuttyrich @ 11/06/09 04:45 AM
No more silly computer roating to help on defense (this is on default).

Defense is much better, will test out PIP in a few.

One thing I notice is the fouls are way more than before. I believe the big men will now get in trouble.

Pietrus and Howard went to the line in the first 2 minutes, where as before no foul would be called.

The passing seems much better, feels like a different game.

I'm probably not one to help out with PIP as I'm on the regular difficulty level so maybe someone else can give a better read on that.

Too soon to say if it lived to expectations, because I haven't played association, nor my player yet.

Everything I base on is "quick game, Orland and Lakers" default settings.
# 6 Pared @ 11/06/09 04:49 AM
You can't lead pass into the paint anymore. At least, I haven't been able to, especially off the pick and roll.

The defense is much much better. Fantastic rotation off the PnR by the CPU defense. I'll post a video of this in a second. Everything default Pro.


The game overall is much much smoother. Wow... shot %'s are definitely lower. I'm on Pro default right now. I'm pretty impressed actually. I saw some slowdown during this one specific FT camera but I've been trying to get slowdown during gameplay and I can't. Even at Philly. Seems like it may be gone.

I really enjoyed the game with sliders... but out of the box, this is a MUCH better game, no question.
# 7 Kully @ 11/06/09 04:50 AM
Can't find the option to turn off autosave in my association.
# 8 nuttyrich @ 11/06/09 04:56 AM
Since the game is running so much smoother the fast break is so much better.

The passing is smoother. It also seems like the post up is better yes there is no manual back down but you can initiate it a lot better now.

Also feel the controller vibratre a lot more, which means players are now bumping into each other which is good to see.

One thing I saw was silly, they did a back court Violation for no reason, Nelson just went backwards and did a backcourt violation (no one was covering him).
# 9 jon_superman @ 11/06/09 05:01 AM
It seems like you can give dunk/layup packages to any player regardless of rating, I gave Garnett his and he did his dunk package in practice mode.
# 10 CaCHooKa Man @ 11/06/09 05:03 AM
custom arena sounds are played more often for me now. before they would only play a few times a game. im about to try the player specific sounds.
# 11 nuttyrich @ 11/06/09 05:09 AM
I cannot believe I drew a charge! This is great.. I said let me see if the "interaction is good" Pietrus had a one on one with me ( I was waiting at the basket) as he was going to drive in, I simply press the charge button.. was thinking he would run right through me or they would call me for the foul.

Well I got the charge call.. seems like the bigs will be in trouble with realistic fouls now.

Also seems like the stars stay out on the court longer. Kobe was only subbed once I believe in the first quarter.. Derek fisher gets subbed more well because he's older.

Since the game is much smoother and fouls are being called now .. there many more "breaks" for the guys to rest I would assume!

I know Kobe definitely is out there much longer.. when other players are subbed they keep him in, same for vince carter.
# 12 Pared @ 11/06/09 05:11 AM
Quarter length is editable in pre-existing MyPlayer careers! Go to Options, Presentation and you can change the quarter length there!

# 13 kolanji @ 11/06/09 05:15 AM
the game seems way better offline too bad cant connect to host in like 15 tries on ranked plus another 7 from friends lobby. walk the dog is improved but still there is a warp to relocate player in the animations
# 14 nuttyrich @ 11/06/09 05:16 AM
Over the back Foul on Vince Carter when I had great position NICE!

If you use Kobe and try to abuse the side like I was doing, after two plays.. they double team you.. not a cheesey double team they more like "trap" you into passing the ball.

Thats it for now guys don't want to clog up the forum.

So far everything is just great.

Enjoy Fellas,
# 15 lkasprzak @ 11/06/09 05:18 AM
Association development drills works now

How about Custom Music - highlight and PotG music works now?
# 16 edubbs @ 11/06/09 05:27 AM
White headbands for the Cavs.....

Lots of over the back calls.....

Pick and roll D is much improved...

No more silly AI rotations by teammates.......

One negative is that the AI did not have their starting 5 in for the begining of the 2nd half.

Very impressed overall so far. This game should be GREAT now, in season mode. Can't wait to play more after work.
# 17 franzis @ 11/06/09 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Pared
You can't lead pass into the paint anymore.
How they implemented this? More touched/intercepted pass? Passes bounced into defenders? Passess dropped by your teammates? A mix of these?

By the way, vids are extremely useful and informative! Many thanks for posting them!

Other question: any improvement in double teaming effectiveness?
# 18 iLLmatic @ 11/06/09 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by edubbs
White headbands for the Cavs.....

Lots of over the back calls.....

Pick and roll D is much improved...

No more silly AI rotations by teammates.......

One negative is that the AI did not have their starting 5 in for the begining of the 2nd half.

Very impressed overall so far. This game should be GREAT now, in season mode. Can't wait to play more after work.
Apparently its white headbands for every flippin team. Are you kidding me 2K?
# 19 adobo24 @ 11/06/09 05:38 AM
My Player mode is still suck in the offseason.

# 20 rckabillyRaider @ 11/06/09 05:42 AM
I remember one of the devs saying that the patch would work on an existing association. Well I just played a half of my next association game and only noticed 2 things. Framerate is much smoother and the CPU has been called for a lot of fouls in one half. At the half I was 19 for 30 at the FT line! Gotta tone that down. While the CPU was 7 for 9 at the stripe. Either way, the game is still good for me.

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