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EA just sent us the debut trailer for Skate 3.

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# 1 Blzer @ 11/06/09 10:42 PM
Nothing impressive, but I just really hope that they stick to what made the first Skate so great. Skate 2 kind of went off that tangent, and the surrounding environments were indicative of that.

I'm also surprised how early they're pushing this game out the door. Makes me happy that I didn't buy Skate 2, at least.
# 2 Spear @ 11/07/09 10:35 AM
Wasn't as impressed as I was when I first saw the Skate 2 trailer. The whole team up feature doesn't appeal that much to me.

Like Blzer, I'm surprised they have another game coming out so soon?
# 3 Mr. Franchise @ 11/08/09 07:30 PM
WAY too soon for a 3rd game.
# 4 Whitesox @ 11/08/09 09:13 PM
If it's got a decent park creator, which I believe it does, sign me up!
# 5 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/09/09 03:55 AM
I had a blast playing Skate 2 with friends online so I'm liking the new additions. Should be fun.
# 6 Shinyhubcaps @ 11/11/09 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise
WAY too soon for a 3rd game.
It'll be about 16 months since Skate 2. The gap between the first two games was also about 16 months. Remember that the only other action sports series that I recall lasting 3 or more years (Tony Hawk) didn't miss a Fall release for 8 years.

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