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IGN has posted their hands-on preview of MotoGP 09/10.

"Monumental lends a colourful eye to ensure that this is a game that is never less than vibrant; take to the Midland's typically melancholic Donington circuit on a rainy day and a rainbow courses the sky, and the bland expanse of Qatar's Losail track is given luminescent paint to mark the circuits extremities, turning the night-time race into a floodlit neon wonderland."

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# 1 DaveDQ @ 11/11/09 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by hdaniel1
IGN has posted their hands-on preview of MotoGP 09/10.
This game needs something to put it back on the map. I'm not sure IGN talking about it like it's a fantasy novel is it.
# 2 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/11/09 06:35 AM
Originally Posted by DaveDQ
This game needs something to put it back on the map. I'm not sure IGN talking about it like it's a fantasy novel is it.
Lmfao. That excerpt is horrible.
# 3 Kruza @ 11/11/09 08:02 AM
"Die-hards may scoff, but it makes sense; the first few hours with a MotoGP game were always terrifying and trying to get to grips with the handling was akin to rubbing your stomach and patting your head while riding pillion on Valentino Rossi's Yamaha. Now it's in line with more standard racing fare, with the throttle mapped to the right trigger and the front brake sitting on the left, with the rear brake sitting on a face button."

Funny -- before I began to play any MotoGP game I had always mapped the triggers and face buttons on my controller in this exact way.

It seems that the high-speed blur effect that was in older MotoGP games is brought back to this latest version too.

But I have to say that I'm sick of people acting like the inclusion of an ideal racing/brake line to negotiate in a race is some kind of innovation. SEGA had introduced this feature in their 3-screen arcade version of F355 Ferrari Challenge back in 1999.

# 4 lnin0 @ 11/11/09 06:18 PM
The career features sound nice. I have always been a fan of this idea since VRally on the Dreamcast. I am glad to see someone trying to champion the idea that you are a team and need to use cash to buy mechanics, agents and managers etc. In turn these bring you and your team benefits. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Hopefully others will take note because I am sick of the Forza 3s and Race Pro poo poo career modes that date back to Pole Position days.

I agree about the racing line. This is nothing new and frankly I find it annoying because it isn't a racing aid to help new players learn. It is a crutch players depend on because they never need bother learning the tracks. Most games make very little incentive to teach the player a track and ween them off the line. If a game did that then it would be an innovation. Otherwise, the racing line is just an arcade hold over. Maybe shooters should start including the 'action line'. So you don't ever need to learn the map or hunt other players...you just follow the green line and it leads you to the closest player. Just watch out when it turns yellow..you are getting close.

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