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IGN sheds some light on Dynamic Updates and the best teams in the nation, as they interview Connor Dougan, Lead Producer of NCAA Basketball 10.

IGN: "How do the dynamic updates in NCAA Basketball 10 better the gameplay experience?"

Connor Dougan: "Dynamic updates provides 3 things that will enhance the gameplay experience.

1. Updated NCAA statistics will be surfaced to the user in front end screens as well as driving statistical info and audio with our broadcast package. Let me give you an example - every time the top 25 is updated these stats will drive the info on the top 25 overlay when seen in game. We also have audio to support when your team rises or drops in the polls. So everything you see from a team stats perspective will be true to life.
2. Updated team performance/ratings. For example if my favorite team starts out unranked and then makes their way into the Top 25 then their ratings will reflect that they are better. We use the Top 25, RPI and records to drive team ratings up and down. It's always a challenge to make a game with 300+ teams relevant post launch and we feel that updating team ratings based on data will keep the game authentic and fresh.
3. Updated team playbooks and motion offenses. We're going to offer updated play and motion offenses to add to your playbooks. So if Michigan State runs a great set one week you'll see it in game the next week. "

Some screenshots can be seen right here.

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Member Comments
# 1 JkA3 @ 11/12/09 11:05 AM
Features look good.
# 2 marcoyk @ 11/12/09 12:08 PM
Glad to see this in the game. Last year Notre Dame was #2 in the game even though they didn't even make the tournament.
# 3 bluengold34_OS @ 11/12/09 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by marcoyk
Glad to see this in the game. Last year Notre Dame was #2 in the game even though they didn't even make the tournament.


I smell a ban coming
# 4 jbrew2411 @ 11/12/09 02:08 PM
How does this effect the dynasty mode? Is this more for online stuff and offline play now games? I can't figure out how this would help dynasty mode other then to have current rankings to start. I'm trying to understand how and if this will help the dynasty mode or not. Dynasty mode is the only thing that will get me to buy the game so I need all the info I can get. I know they have said nothing about dynasty mode.
# 5 ehh @ 11/12/09 02:32 PM
I love this picture, the emotion in it is awesome. The two Wake players are frustrated, Dino Gaudio is in the back ground throwing his hands up in frustration. Lance Thomas is pumping his fist, Coach K is right there clapping, encouraging his team. Looks like the Dookie on the floor just took a charge.

Great detail all around.

# 6 stlstudios189 @ 11/12/09 03:25 PM
That looks amazing I can't wait for this game.

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