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The NBA 2K10 patch has been released for the PS3. Please post all your impressions here.

What fixes are in the patch? Click here to find out.

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# 1 23 @ 11/14/09 02:19 AM
PS3 patch has been released, post impressions here
# 2 jlbrown143 @ 11/14/09 02:19 AM
no lie he tells the truth >>>I am downloading right now 69 MB ...about freaking time...geesh!!!!
# 3 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:19 AM
really? Gotta get up now! lol
# 4 mikemulloy @ 11/14/09 02:21 AM
5 years on this thing, bout time i broke a story lol
# 5 LionsFanNJ @ 11/14/09 02:23 AM
wow 69 MB. Substantial
# 6 mikemulloy @ 11/14/09 02:23 AM
2 over the back fouls so far in the first quarter
# 7 allan002001 @ 11/14/09 02:25 AM
Thank God... Been waiting for this since last week
# 8 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:30 AM
how big was for 360? man im downloading it now!
# 9 mikemulloy @ 11/14/09 02:30 AM
welp that was quick. games already broken. my upcoming schedule is plastered in accross the ENTIRE SCREEN. only way to get out of it was by calling time out. you cant see where you're going or what youre doing
# 10 Love4theGAME @ 11/14/09 02:31 AM
# 11 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:32 AM
really? Damn, i thought they fixed it!
# 12 CFav @ 11/14/09 02:34 AM
Anybody erase their data? How are people's sliders reacting to the title update? Anyone care to give an opinion on what the most realistic sliders are? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just dying to play My Player
# 13 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:36 AM
finnally!!!! Change the lengthhh in player modeee!!
# 14 mikemulloy @ 11/14/09 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by Court_vision
Good timing...my wife is in the other room reading baby books...i've got the big tv all to myself for the next few hours

I've been using the Jazz...so I'm going to play a Jazz game now and see how much the interior D / pick n roll D has been improved.
lol i know the feeling man. luckily the misses around here is gone for the weekend and i'l plenty of time to get used to this new patch. i certainly wouldnt have been able to stay up til 3 am for a patch under different circumstances....i swear i used to have balls lol
# 15 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:37 AM
andd i just loaded my old one btw..starting to play now
# 16 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:41 AM
feels good to play man.. coach is more clever now..well its phil anyways..
# 17 sephjow @ 11/14/09 02:42 AM
no lag issues in my player camera
# 18 Love4theGAME @ 11/14/09 02:47 AM
game is a lot smoother and defense is contesting shots more, i like it so far.
# 19 mars blackmon @ 11/14/09 02:54 AM
I was hoping they returned the Auto Flip option to the HIGH camera angle.

Maybe in the 2nd patch?
# 20 KidHypeTellem @ 11/14/09 03:13 AM
Ok guys so i just unboxed my 'new' and 'un-played' nba 2k10.

Ok seriously time to start my Heat Asso.
Who thinks i should go for LeBron if he's available?

lol j/p

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