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Kotaku's Owen Good has posted a new article he titles No Less of a Memory - The Human Drama of Video Game Sports. We have a couple of Operation Sports entries in the article, make sure you give it a read.

"Some video game sports moments are so indelible we remember and narrate them the same way we do the ones from real life."

What about you? What stories do you have?

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# 1 Mo @ 11/22/09 08:17 PM
This brought back some bad memories

I'm not saying we confuse the realities, necessarily, although anyone who's completed his third season of a dynasty in any simulation can be forgiven for wandering into an alternate reality. "My star linebacker, Rocky Doss, was lost for the season with a broken leg today," my friend Dav, playing his fifth season as Air Force's head coach, told me a few years ago. "And honestly, I really felt sorry for the guy. He was in the second game of his senior year."
There are numerous times this has happen to me playing NCAA football.

And it's always the same guy. The 5 star blue chip QB, a RS Senior, who spent 4 years on the bench waiting for his time to shine only to break his leg or something like that in the second game of the year, and end his career before it starts.
# 2 duke776 @ 11/22/09 10:18 PM
I started to tell one of my friends about something that happened in one of my dynasties, thinking it happened in real life. I said something like "Dude sucks for cincy that they lost..." and cut myself off mid sentence remembering that it was in my NCAA 06 dynasty.

Also, I clearly remember almost beating my brother in the National Champoinship in NCAA 04. I actually should have won, but I was too afraid of him beating me up. I was winning by one point all I needed to do was kneal the ball and the national championship was mine, along with my first ever win against my brother. I was at my 5 yard line, so I decided it would be better to run back in the endzone and get sacked than getting beat up. I told him about it a few years ago when he brought that game up, and he never had even thought that I tried to lose it. Oh well, at least my dude won the heisman over his
# 3 stlstudios189 @ 11/23/09 03:47 PM
I was playing for the national championship with Toledo against the Vols while two friend were over my place I was down 12-10 and w/ :01 left I called my final time out as I sat on Tennessee's 25 or 30 yard line for a tough but makable FG as time expired and the kick went wide right all three of us were so destroyed . The game was so good my two friends felt like they were watching the real championship it was awesome (would have been better if I won but..)
# 4 carlmac @ 11/24/09 01:20 AM
I remember playing NCAA 09 and i play with the fighting Illini, i was playing Ohio State, and they were freakishly good at that time, so i was leading the whole game, and i was trying to control the clock, well i didn't do a very good job of it, because they scored with :30 seconds on the clock, and now they were beating me by 1 point. i guess they figured that i could kick a field goal for the win so they decided to go for 2, they threw the ball i intercepted it and ran it back for 2 points and the win!!!!

i lived a little that day!!! you could kick that smile off of my face

# 5 nolan273 @ 11/24/09 09:21 AM
Several years ago, my buddies and I used to get together and play NCAA Football nearly every weekend. I can remember one game I was playing as Tennessee against my friend's Fightin' Irish... We had gone into double overtime and I had blocked an extra point, but was still down six needing a score. I had moved inside the 5 yd line and got stuffed 3 times. On fourth and goal I ran a triple option, planning to give to the FB.... He bit on the fake to the fullback (I did, too). As I thought I was hitting the hole with my FB, I hadn't held the hand-off button long enough to give it to the back... Instead, I was Tebow-ing it into the endzone with Casey Clausen FTW!!!!!

One of my most memorable wins in NCAA Football.

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