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Title update #2 for Forza Motorsport 3 is available now.

"This new title update contains:

* Fixes to all known glitches.
* The addition of cockpit view driver shift animations.
* Fixes for all known Time Trial and Leaderboard exploits/bugs.

New title update aside Turn 10 also updated its Matchmaking list with some new additions you’ll want to check out this long weekend. The major addition you’ll notice is an all-new “Playground” category that will be used to host alternative game types like tag, and more restrictive racing such as our “A Class Expert” hopper that is currently live. For tag they’ve added an A Class “Keep the IT” game type where the winner is the person who’s been “IT” the longest after 5 minutes. Expect to see this section in flux more often than other general categories."

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# 1 2kjunkie @ 11/27/09 09:01 AM
Awesome stuff, love Turn 10 for listening to the community
# 2 SeaNNyT @ 11/28/09 08:58 AM
I can actually play tag with people now.

This game seriously needs a search for lobbies...
# 3 lnin0 @ 11/28/09 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by 2kjunkie
Awesome stuff, love Turn 10 for listening to the community
I wouldn't say this update proves they are listening to the community. The shifting animations were in the game from the start but all the kinks not worked out in time for release so they held off on implementing them.

While people may want to think T10 did all this as a response to the community I think that is wishful thinking. I think it was already in the works or something they could flip a switch to implement.

For me it is nothing more than some smoke and mirrors to hide the fact a massive amount of issues exist that aren't addressed or mentioned in this TU. All they really did is fix some glaring glitching but did nothing to really address in game bugs, lighting/shadow issues, PI balancing issues, AWD balancing issues, cutting issues etc.

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