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Pasta Padre has posted some potential features for the upcoming NCAA Football 11.

"A survey distributed by EA may have provided some insight into improvements and new features that are being considered for NCAA Football 11. The questionnaire asks for a selection of the top three out of 13 choices. Included are things like an Athletic Director mode with stadium creator, authentic team entrances, and ESPN style TV presentation. While there is no guarantee any of the options will make it in the game it does stand to reason that some of them will."

Without question, the 3 I'd like to see. Locomotion, college specific gameplay and ESPN style presentation. Given the choices Pasta posted, what would you like to see?

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# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 11/28/09 05:10 PM
Give me

1.Authentic team entrances

2.Locomotion Game play

3.ESPN style presentation

For the win Alex
# 2 sonn @ 11/28/09 05:26 PM
I'd want:

1. Locomotion

2. Coaching carousels

3. Authentic play styles

Wonder how many they would actually add though
# 3 luvtotha9s @ 11/28/09 05:37 PM
I would like: 1. Active real life coaches and coordinators
2. Locomotion Game play
3. ESPN style presentation
4. Coaching carousel
5. Signature coaching plays
6. Team entrances
7. authentic offensive styles

way more than three should be included in 2011
# 4 green94 @ 11/28/09 05:48 PM
Assuming Pro-tak and locomotion will already be included...

2) Coaching carousels
3) Authentic coaches and coordinators on sidelines

Regarding 2 and 3 I'm assuming you can't have 2 without having 3 so I included both.
# 5 Hassan Darkside @ 11/28/09 06:14 PM
Honestly, have of this list should already be in the game...Some of the stuff on the list looks like it'd be excess, good to have, but definitely should be at the bottom of the priority list. EA should strive to get a good six things or so on this list into the game.
# 6 jsou4646 @ 11/28/09 06:21 PM
i would be happy with something similar to m10 even though it has its flaws
# 7 ShowTyme15 @ 11/28/09 06:29 PM
would love to see Coaching carousels
# 8 Kevin26385 @ 11/28/09 06:30 PM
My three votes would go for:
1) All-New ESPN style TV presentation with broadcast graphics and special attention to rivalries, bowl games ect.

2) College specific gameplay such as broken sack animations

3) Authentic offense style plays

(2) kind of confuses me though...Considering I think they market college specific gameplay every year.
# 9 rudyjuly2 @ 11/28/09 06:37 PM
1a. NCAA 09 Camera angle (write-in vote)

1b. ESPN style presentation

2. Authentic offensive styles

3. Locomotion Game play

All of those do sound cool. At least they are considering this stuff. But if they put it in, please do it right. The NCAA series has been released with unacceptable problems the last couple years.
# 10 BlueNGold @ 11/28/09 06:42 PM
I really hope they put more than 3 things off that list into next year's game. That's a real nice list of features but if I had to choose 3 myself it would probably be:

1. ESPN presentation

2. Locomotion gameplay

3. Coaching carousels

But I definitely want more than just those 3 things. Throw in authentic team styles, team entrances and athletic director mode as well.

This list gives me hope for next year's game.
# 11 sportzbro @ 11/28/09 07:11 PM
How about everything that's on the list.. We've been asking for the same stuff for years now.
# 12 stlstudios189 @ 11/28/09 07:36 PM
ESPN presentation
team entrances/college atmosphere
coaching offers
# 13 RayAllen20 @ 11/28/09 07:44 PM
If we had this whole list I'd be in college football heaven. Heck I'll take a little more than half. Please more than 3 though.

ESPN Presentation is a must!!
# 14 coachlenny @ 11/28/09 07:49 PM
why cant we have them all
this is supposed to be NEXT-GEN football
I remember what I thought was possible for 360 sports games when the console first came out and what have we recieved?

2k basketball with the same engine as the dreamcast with more animations
EA basketball failing to even make the jump to next gen
Ea football without the bell and whistles of 2k5 football (Presentation, VIP, etc)
NHL 10 is Great havent played NHL2k since 2k8
Tiger Woods is always fun but its the same game every year

Why cant we all finally have a complete college football game or just a complete, entertaining sports game. Not a game that people just accept as being great as our standards continue to diminish
# 15 jyoung @ 11/28/09 08:14 PM
Most people usually end up skipping the team entrances after the first time or two, anyway, so I don't see why they would be that big of a deal, especially since it would probably only cover a couple of schools overall.

Locomotion has to be number 1. The physics in EA Football games are awful and have been the entire console cycle.

ESPN Presentation should be number 2 given that NCAA Football has been recycling the same boring presentation package for like 6 or 7 years.

Number three could be any number of things, as none of them are on the same level of importance as locomotion and ESPN presentation.
# 16 jyoung @ 11/28/09 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by Pasta Padre
NCAA Football's problem isnít a lack of features or modes. There is arguably no sports game that can match NCAA Football 10 in that regard. It is the lack of enhancements directly related to gameplay and the weak representation of college emotion.
He's right on this one.

Let's hope the developers are listening.
# 17 jb12780 @ 11/28/09 08:28 PM
2.ESPN presentation
3.Coaching carousels
# 18 jfsolo @ 11/28/09 08:38 PM
1. Locomotion

2. Play Styles

3. Coaching carousels

If the first two aren't in, then I will probably pass on this game for the 3rd year in a row.

I'm dreading reading an interview with one of the producers sometime next May or June where he talks about how ESPN presentation and team entrances took up 80% of the development time, so not much else got addressed.
# 19 thmst30 @ 11/28/09 08:44 PM
So what happens when NCAA 11 comes out and not a single feature on that list is in the game? It may sound ridiculous, but I can absolutely see that happening. Anyway the three I would choose are:

1. Locomotion
2. ESPN Presentation
3. Authentic styles of play

We really really really should get more than just 3 from that list though. We've been asking for most of that since the transition to the current gen.
# 20 ANDROMADA 1 @ 11/28/09 09:20 PM
they should add a feature where you can play with a "classic" team online,that would be awesome.I'd roll with the 85 Auburn Tigers.I only metioned that because I played my Ncaa 04,06 recently,I still love those games.

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