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Madden NFL 10 patch #2 is available for the PS3. No timetable has been set for the Xbox 360. Please post your impressions here.

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# 1 gooma @ 12/04/09 03:33 AM
its downloading now for me surprised theres not any more posts about it
# 2 lilgame06 @ 12/04/09 03:43 AM
yea i just got on and saw...and i knew i had to come straight to operation sports for the details...haha

(ps3 version by the way)
# 3 jvalverde88 @ 12/04/09 03:48 AM
Its out for the PS3, just downloaded it. Its 183 mb.
# 4 Instant C1a55ic @ 12/04/09 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
Just checked on the 360 with no success.

Looks like it's PS3 only right now.

Might want to edit your thread title to reflect that.
# 5 Pacman83 @ 12/04/09 04:01 AM
Dammit....So 360 is a bit later? Hours? Days? I guess its prolly based on Microsoft/Sony?...dammit.
# 6 NoFear @ 12/04/09 04:02 AM
Not to rain on anybody's parade but I simmed a season and looked at the stats(Since that was suppose to be fixed)

Adrian Peterson ATT=358 YRDs=2,468 TDs=19 YPC=6.8
Michael Turner ATT=321 YRDs=2,272 TDs=20 YPC-7.0
Thomas Jones ATT=319 YRDs=2,257 TDs=17 YPC=7.0

Count 'em....3....2,000 yard rushers....One season.WHAT?

Out of the top 10 rushers in the league, 7 had over a 6 YPC average. WHAT?!

# 7 KingsRock91 @ 12/04/09 04:04 AM
I think the bigger concern with those numbers is that those guys all beat Dickerson's mark o.O
# 8 Pacman83 @ 12/04/09 04:08 AM
Did you do just one season? Might wanna do more testing before you cause a panic...any else seeing this?
# 9 hubcapp @ 12/04/09 04:09 AM
with this patch is it true we now can see draft info on players in franchaise? can someone comfirm this...please
# 10 Pacman83 @ 12/04/09 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by hubcapp
with this patch is it true we now can see draft info on players in franchaise? can someone comfirm this...please

# 11 NoFear @ 12/04/09 04:14 AM
There was also 27 RB's with over 1,000 yards rushing...In 2008 there was only 16 rushers over 1K in rushing. In 07 there was 17. Maybe not that much of a prob, but 27 is stretching it.

LOL at Tim Hightower's stats 1,251 YRDS 10 TDs 214 ATT for a nice 5.8 YPC.

Other positional stats are OK...Brady still Mr. Unstoppable (47 TD's 9 INTs)

Thought they were trying to fix RBs stats, not make them all hall of famers in a couple seasons?
# 12 NoFear @ 12/04/09 04:15 AM
Pacman, I'll sim more now...and let you all know.
# 13 hubcapp @ 12/04/09 04:16 AM
at work please comfirm all things EA addressed is really in this patch ...thank you
# 14 Glorious Arc @ 12/04/09 04:16 AM

Im sorry...This is borderline hilarious because I made a bet with my friend that rush totals would get messed over if they tried to boost back ups YAC. I theorized that the system uses the overall of a HB and the amount of carries(maybe takes into account the defense) to determine his YAC. I already know that Oline means nothing for simulation stats from this test. Maybe we will luck out for a 3rd patch like NCAA got.http://www.operationsports.com/forum...imulation.html
# 15 lilgame06 @ 12/04/09 04:18 AM
things ive been able to notice so far

- seahawks lime green jerseys are in as well as their blue pants now being the default for home jerseys
- eagles have the Jim Johnson tribute sticker on their helmet
-draft history for each player (so far, ive only noticed real nfl players...havent gone into my franchise yet)
-replays seem to be longer. i was able to view an entire kickoff return...pursuit angles that the kicking team took though we're rather questionable. maybe i can post the video later and see what yall think

thats it so far, ill see what else i notice before i go to sleep
# 16 Pacman83 @ 12/04/09 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by hubcapp
at work please comfirm all things EA addressed is really in this patch ...thank you

Forum search also, its a whole with details man
# 17 rspencer86 @ 12/04/09 04:23 AM
lol, the one time a patch comes out for the ps3 first I'm out of town.

Would like to see some thoughts on coverage of the flats and pursuit angles. Also more sims to confirm/refute what has been posted about RB sim stats.
# 18 DonkeyJote @ 12/04/09 04:26 AM
I bet the 360 patch will be out a 2am west coast time.
# 19 Glorious Arc @ 12/04/09 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by DonkeyJote
I bet the 360 patch will be out a 2am west coast time.
What makes you think that it may come out then?
# 20 DonkeyJote @ 12/04/09 04:27 AM
We kind of knew this would happen when they had to try to boost backup numbers because they were too low. Stretching the ratings did a number on running back stats.

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