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We have an opportunity to interview the producers of Madden Ultimate Team. If you have any questions, please post them here.

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# 1 RedZoneD25 @ 12/09/09 05:02 AM
Since I am for one unfamiliar with the Ultimate Team deal, what is the purpose of collecting these cards?
# 2 Icarus2k9 @ 12/09/09 06:02 AM
Unlike FIFA, will the different competitions available be capped in any way beyond amount of time played (e.g. team overall score)?

Will there be any way to limit people purchasing the best team possible on day one through cash-based microtransactions?

Will any new kits or create-a-kit options be available, or will you have to play in one of the jerseys already in the game?

Is there any chance of historical players being added to this mode in a later date, to bolster the amount of players available to FIFA-like levels?
# 3 oregonelite @ 12/09/09 09:45 AM
What is the specific release date?

Will there be anything that you have to use real money to get? Or will everything be attainable without real money?
# 4 BillJ @ 12/09/09 09:54 AM
Unfamiliar with the FIFA Ultimate Team:

What teams will you be playing against in off-line mode (Fantasy or current NFL)?

Do you have access to all cards in your deck in-game?

If a player is active during a game but isn't used does is count against the number of games on his contract?

Will you be able to create your own uniforms?

Will all cards be available to those who play off-line mode only?

Sure I'll come up with more later. Really looking forward to a new spin on Madden.
# 5 boxboy99 @ 12/09/09 09:55 AM
What kind of modes go along with UT? Is there any kind of tourney modes for offline vs cpu or online or is this just a mode to play single games?
# 6 boxboy99 @ 12/09/09 09:56 AM
What kind of modes go along with UT? Is there any kind of tourney modes for offline vs cpu or online or is this just a mode to play single games?
# 7 BillJ @ 12/09/09 09:56 AM
Are playbooks (offense/defense) available under the coach card or are they separate?
# 8 sniperhare @ 12/09/09 09:59 AM
When you buy a player, do you get to keep them forever and be able to use them as much as you want?
# 9 Valdarez @ 12/09/09 10:13 AM
1. It's been said the game is being given away for free, which is very commendable, are there any hidden costs or optional costs that we should be aware of or you can share with us?

2. I've read that Madden Points will be acrued by playing Madden and can be used to purchase the Card Paks. Will people have the option of spending real $$$ to buy the Card Paks? If so that creates an unbalanced playing field. Do you have any way of ensuring a level playing field during a game so players have the same number of Star players on the field (same number of bronze, silver, or gold players)?

3. Can you provide a list of items that earn you points in the game that can be used for the card paks?

4. Will games be balanced team wise, such that each player in an online mach must have a certain number of bronzes, silvers, or golds?

5. Will you be able to challenge players based on the number of players (bronze, silver, or gold) they have on their team? If so, how will that work? (Example: I'm willing to play someone with 12 bronze, 6 silvers, and 6 golds, even though I only have 12 bronze, and 12 silvers).

6. Will there be a separate online ranking ladder for Madden Ultimate?
# 10 huskerfan4life @ 12/13/09 12:55 AM
can you use the ultimate madden in franchise
# 11 Valdarez @ 12/13/09 01:45 AM
What's the maximum number of coins / points you can earn in a single game? (IGN article seemed to indicate it was only 100)

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