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Patrick Hruby, from ESPN's Page 2, has posted his Sports Video Game Awards, with a linkback to OS. Thanks Gizmo!

"In the great chain of publishing clichés, year-end best-of lists rank somewhere between lists and, um, ranking things.

Naturally, Page 2 can't resist.

This past weekend, Spike TV broadcast its annual Video Game Awards, in which nerds fans in roughly the same demographic group as the target audience of this Web site voted to determine the best video games of the year -- a privilege we won't be extending for Page 2's 2009 Sports Game Superlatives.

No, for our awards, we came up with the categories, handed out the (nonexistent, but don't tell anyone) hardware and generally behaved in as undemocratic a fashion as possible."

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# 1 CreatineKasey @ 12/16/09 08:18 PM
I agree with what a lot of what they said regarding football games (since those are the ones I play)
# 2 jyoung @ 12/16/09 10:08 PM
Yeah it's nice to see someone who's not afraid to critique the EA football monopoly.

But comparing Madden 06 to the JFK assassination? That's probably taking things a bit too far.
# 3 jsg @ 12/17/09 01:04 AM
i wish exclusivity would end. football games are not up to par to the ps2/xbox era and only one system has a good baseball game.
# 4 psymin1 @ 12/17/09 09:00 AM
That, in my opinion, was some of the best sports video game awards I have seen yet this year. Thanks for the link!

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