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ESPN Videogames have posted their first look at MLB '10: The Show.

"MLB 09" was one of the best offline sports games of the year. But take the game online and it's virtually unplayable because of the constant lag that throws off the timing of every move, making even little things like check swings seem impossible. "We're fully aware of the complaints," admits Cutliff, "but we've made online playability a priority area for us this year to make sure the timing of everything from the release points to the swings and check swings finally look and feel right. The online game will be going through much more extensive testing than we've ever put it through before."

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# 1 idesign2 @ 12/17/09 03:07 AM
"There are also eleven new stadiums in the game including five minor league stadiums and six classic fields including Forbes Field, Crosley Field, The Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman's Park, and Griffith Stadium (and the ability to choose a classic stadium as your home field during Franchise)."

Tremendous. Absolutely tremendous.
# 2 Artman22 @ 12/17/09 03:08 AM
Damn that sounds great!!!!. I was only able to read the first 2 pages. The third page is not found. Glad to see they worked on the online portion of the game..
# 3 Artman22 @ 12/17/09 03:10 AM
nothing on fielding????
# 4 ltbucks3 @ 12/17/09 03:13 AM
"If you played as a catcher in Road to the Show last year, you realized quickly that there simply wasn't much to do behind the plate. "You were pretty much limited to fielding bunts and pop ups," says Cramm. But with Twins catcher Joe Mauer signed on to appear on the game's cover this year, the producers wanted to add something special to the position. "

There it is. Mauer Power. Not really a suprise. He deserves it for sure.
# 5 Bellsprout @ 12/17/09 03:14 AM
EDIT: DAMN! Beaten.

The article confirms that Mauer gets the cover, in case nobody's seen that yet. It's just like one sentence. Lol.
# 6 Bellsprout @ 12/17/09 03:17 AM
and even a cyber recreation of the famous Mississippi Braves manager meltdown, complete with military crawl and rosin bag grenades."We watched the video on YouTube and got the whole animation in there exactly how he did it in real life," Gill says with a laugh. "We wanted to make sure we captured everything about that moment … right down to the grenades."
I want to see that right now.
# 7 Blzer @ 12/17/09 03:20 AM

Nothing about a new fielding camera (and no new player models), but real-time presentation is just making me
# 8 FlakE @ 12/17/09 03:23 AM
"We're offering full online season leagues this year," says Villa. "We're trying to bring everything about the offline game and offer that in an online situation."

Online franchise? Or just a single season?
# 9 swaldo @ 12/17/09 03:26 AM
Nice find, and much bigger than the small blurb of info I was expecting. Looks like some nice stuff coming down the pike. I'm a little concerned they didn't say anything about the pitcher batter confrontation/camera angles as that is the heart of the game, but I'm sure it got some work.
# 10 ltbucks3 @ 12/17/09 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by WeAreAllWitnesses
EDIT: DAMN! Beaten.

The article confirms that Mauer gets the cover, in case nobody's seen that yet. It's just like one sentence. Lol.

Haha. Glad it's a player from a small market team like the Twins. Anyone else tired of seeing Boston, New York, Philly players on the cover?
# 11 ltbucks3 @ 12/17/09 03:38 AM
You'll see things like cloud shadows moving across the field, daylight transitional lighting, dugouts and bullpens populated in real time (not just in cut scenes), and even playoff noise makers and towels in the crowd.

# 12 jvalverde88 @ 12/17/09 03:47 AM
Throw in the Home Run Derby (in all season modes as well as standalone), the Futures Game, pre-game batting practice in the cage, a green light system where players must now earn the right to steal bases at will, and a new stat tracking system that keeps stats for every pitcher or batter faced throughout your career, not to mention mistake tracking that penalizes you for not playing right (a pitcher not covering first on a bunt), while at the same time attempting to make you a good teammate and not just pile up stats, and Road to the Show looks to have beefed up so much, if I could ask the disc to pee in a cup, I'd check it for PEDs.
I might just spend most of my time on R.T.S this year. The Futures game is in the game too, nice.
# 13 Artman22 @ 12/17/09 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by Blzer

Nothing about a new fielding camera (and no new player models), but real-time presentation is just making me
They got the idea of real-time presentation from the other game lol
# 14 Shakedowncapo @ 12/17/09 04:15 AM
RIP all 'other' sports games of 2010.. You didn't even make it to the New Year.

Now to get some more info on online leagues... Need to know if they're going all out with trading and drafting. With what they added, I wouldn't be mad waiting.
# 15 SoxFan01605 @ 12/17/09 04:19 AM
Good lord! Tons of great info (I think ESPN inadvertently stole some of Russell's thunder...lol), but this stuck out to me the most:

And speaking of Franchise, there will be the ability to finally play Franchise mode with up to 30 players. "We have a lot of fans who want to control every team, every lineup, every injury … they actually want to go in and manually injure a player just so their franchise at home can have the exact rosters of real life," says senior designer Kolbe Launchbaugh. "The time they spend on these rosters and inside all of these various modes really blows my mind, and it's something we all take great pride in as we're working on the game."
FINALLY! If this is true 30 team control, that means no more manager issues either...I'm in OCD heaven.

Time to dream of a Nationals rebuild playing in the Polo Grounds...

As for real-time presentation, as with 2K last year, I'm intrigued but cautious in my optimism. It didn't work out too well for them, but I admittedly have much more confidence in the SCEA team getting it right, as their animations are top-notch. Best of all, if it's not fully what we want this year, the cutscenes are available. It really sounds like they hit on a good many of our requests! Gotta love it!

I know...I sound like a kid...lol...I'm way too excited right now.
# 16 Shakedowncapo @ 12/17/09 04:41 AM
One thing that slightly bummed me out was Cramm talking about the fielding practice. I'm sure thats where they would tell us if it were all new.. but he basically said the opposite.
# 17 Instant C1a55ic @ 12/17/09 04:49 AM
Finally i can say its a great day to own a PS3.

I really dont know how 2K can top this. Come on, you know just the working splash counter is better than anything 2K has accomplished...
# 18 Bahnzo @ 12/17/09 05:29 AM
The online stuff sounds great! I would have honestly been happy with a well functioning online mode that plays as well as it does offline. But add in the online league features and I'm officially excited.

And as a former catcher in my younger days, RTTS as a catcher sounds like fun. I didn't really get into RTTS with 09, but I'll for sure give it a longer look in 10.

Real Time Presentation. One of the few things that made 2K's baseball game interesting (regardless of how well you thought it was done). Added to The Show? Awesome!

Classic Stadiums, highlight reels, and the Mississippi Braves manager tirade? Are you kidding me? This isn't MLB The Show 10. It's video game Viagra.

I have goosebumps.....
# 19 ARMORALLL @ 12/17/09 05:41 AM
What do they mean they got the Mississippi Braves manager tirade? Does this mean every teams manager can do this, or is it just something we will see if we leave the game running without hitting any buttons. There is still one big feature I got my hopes up for. Rainouts and double headers. They are long over due! Also not a big deal if this doesn't make it in but I would love to see some better collision detection.
# 20 CommunityCollege @ 12/17/09 06:20 AM
why is everyone forgetting adding Manager arguments on certain plays?

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