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Do you want to see a PC version of NBA Live 11? Head on over to NLSC and get the details.

"Dear EA Sports,

We are writing on behalf of the online NBA Live community to petition a PC release of NBA Live 11. We feel that there is still a strong, widespread interest in playing NBA Live on the PC, owing to the interest that has been shown in the two NBA 2K releases for PC and the enthusiasm they have been met with by current and former NBA Live fans alike, as well as the users who continue to download updates for the most recently released PC versions of NBA Live (2005-08)."

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Member Comments
# 1 ps3veron @ 12/21/09 12:25 PM
Why would they want burgers when they already have steak on the table?
2K owns live, these guys might as well root for Free Tibet or something.
# 2 jaosming @ 12/21/09 12:35 PM
we already tried that, it obviously didn't work out too well

Live 10 is a much improved game and a majority of us over there still primarily play games on the PC and don't like Isomotion or the shot stick.
# 3 allstar3970 @ 12/21/09 01:57 PM
hahahaha the history of online petitions tells me this will make HUGE difference. :roll:
# 4 P-Dub @ 12/21/09 02:32 PM
Who wouldn't want a PC version of NBA Live 11 to be released, even if you play the other game? Even if you aren't going to buy it, or don't believe it will even happen, taking a few seconds out of your day to sign the petition can send a strong message.
# 5 dragon4thQ @ 12/21/09 03:11 PM
The PC community was so strong up until Live 07 the mods and patches we used to create were awesome. The way we were able to recap dynasties and create our own fantasy stories with them too.

Next gen consoles are still unable to do a few things PC can do.
# 6 kumamae_33 @ 12/22/09 12:37 PM
That's a good idea but some pc users get their games for free from the internet through illegal sharing and download. Unless EA will make the game 100% piracy proof. Like you need to connect to ea servers before you can play the game.
# 7 Pared @ 12/22/09 02:21 PM
It's a tough sell at this point. People aren't buying the 360 and PS3 version, and NOW you're going to try and sell them that a PC version would benefit the series.

If they do it, it won't be for profit. That's for sure.
# 8 dragon4thQ @ 12/22/09 09:10 PM
The PC community was a lot larger than just NBA Live Series Center there were multiple sites/communities it started to die out after Live 06.
# 9 Pared @ 12/23/09 08:53 AM
I understand the size of the modding community. I've actually been a good part of it (well, at least for baseball).

However, stop thinking like a fan and someone who wants the game. The 360/PS3 versions sold terribly. Now we expect them to take a terrible selling game, convert it for play on the PC, include support for multiple devices, graphics cards, etc. and still make it a profitable venture? Not at all. The PC version will barely sell, others will pirate the game...

Not worth it. Put that money towards developing a solid game WORTH putting on the PC, not appeasing a couple of thousands who would buy the game regardless (considering they were the ones purchasing '07 on the PC, what a terrible game that was).
# 10 blackscorpion11 @ 12/24/09 09:08 PM
I was disappointed when EA pulled the PC version, 2K filled the void nicely, EA can keep their inferior hoops game. I played live on pc back when it was lakers vs celtics and lakers vs blazers.. 2K is king in hoops for now.

guess thats what happens when there is no "License monopoly"

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