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Kotaku's, Stick Jockey, Owen Good has posted his Sports Video Games of the Year.

"In naming the best video games of the year, the sports genre is often left to fight over a single award. And as I've discussed before, one probably isn't winning an overall game-of-the-year anytime soon.

Realizing that sports games don't usually contend outside of their classification, Stick Jockey's named an honor roll of nine awards within the sports game genre for 2009. Seven of them conform to awards offered elsewhere in video gaming. Two of them, Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year, might sound more familiar to real awards offered by some leagues, but they also recognize the annual nature of games produced in by this sector.

While a game's technical aspects and ability to execute were considered, more subjective qualities such as a title's innovation, impact, and the size of the gaming population it served also came into play in judging a game's worthiness. By no means were these the only good games made in the year 2009; but they are Stick Jockey's choices representing the best the year had to offer."

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# 1 yankeesgiants @ 12/26/09 10:09 PM
Hard to argue with FIFA 10 as the winner. Im your classic american soccer ***** but I like this game.

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