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An update has just been released for Front Office Football 2007. If you're having any issues with the update, head on over to our Front Office Football Central website.

"The following changes are included in the 6.3 update, along with everything changed through 6.2:

* Added new 2009 player file.
* Adjust contract demands to reflect the new salary cap numbers. Note that because of this change, those of you in multi-player leagues should try and upgrade at the same time your commissioner upgrades (though if your commissioner is aware of how the changes will manifest, he can instruct you on how you should alter contract offers).
* Tweaks to the contract valuation algorithm (can't really explain tweaks without detailing the algorithms, which would give too much away).
* Several rather large changes in the play-resolution engine, particularly to the passing game. Again, I'm not going to provide details, but this will have a significant impact on game-planning. I'm aware there will be complaints at first, because there will be a learning curve and it might appear that game-planning has less impact than in the past. But I think once you're used to these changes, it will make for a more enjoyable experience as you'll have to better tailor your plan to your talent. This is probably the biggest change in the engine in five years.
* Add normal substitution for nickel and dime packages on defense.
* Tweak use of individual blitzers in terms of interpretation of blitz percentage settings.
* Another attempt to improve the field-goal and play-calling logic at the end of the first half, particularly when your team has the lead.
* Tweak substitution algorithm for starting quarterbacks.
* Fix a bug with how summer-league experience is applied to each position.
* An attempt to prevent Solevision from crashing after use of the save-as function, though this problem could not be duplicated.
* Apply the tripping penalty as an in-play foul rather than as a personal foul.
* Fix a bug with stadium condition being set to an invalid value - this will not correct in existing games until the beginning of a new season.
* Created a new home state selection algorithm for new players. This algorithm reflects the current state of the NFL rather than just the population of the United States. Expect more quarterbacks from California and more wide receivers from Florida.
* Try and make Front Office Football a native Vista application (the help file is still outdated). The electronic license portion, however, remains an XP application and still requires administrative privileges on first run.
* Tweak (very small) the free agency AI player acquisition logic. This still needs a redesign in places, far too much for just an update.
* Add an ordering of the importance of games during the regular season. The top game is shown on channel 2, on down to channel 17.
* Tweak (very small) the player generator. This includes improving linebackers, safeties and fullbacks.
* Tweak the TCY converter. Primarily giving tight ends a big-play rating and reducing punt and kick return abilities.
* Don't allow the AI to call a goal-line defense where it's horribly inappropriate.
* Provide more instructive error messages when loading incomplete or corrupted saved games."

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