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Patch #2 for NBA 2K10 is now available for the PS3. The 360 and PC patches, will be released at a later date.

Details for the patch, can be found here.

Please post your impressions here.

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# 621 Serra11 @ 02/22/10 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by danqb11
I used the newest living rosters from 2/19 and I left both player roles and team chem on and I did not see the "big men come off screen" or the "3pt" glitch.

Can someone else try the newest rosters in an association just to confirm this?
3pt glitch is still there in simmed games.
# 622 LionsFanNJ @ 02/22/10 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by danqb11
I have also seen on a number of occasions Nash go down in the low post and call for the ball. I was like what the hell is he doing. I wish they would release a third patch.
Its something that started with patch 2. Depending on who has the ball, your teammates start setting screens for whoever's nearby. Now its great when you have Dirk or Jamison, but seeing SHAQ come off a screen is great for laughs. I haven't had them shoot once they came off the screen, and the CPU will ignore the PG posting most times if its Nash or someone. Personally i don't care, it opens up things on my end somewhat. I guess i'm not that picky when it comes to these things.
# 623 Aeronaut @ 02/28/10 07:39 AM
Can the patch be downloaded and installed manually if the PS3 can't hook up to the net? If so how?
# 624 Goffs @ 02/28/10 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by danqb11
Has there been any talk about release another patch? I was having such a good time in my 30 team Association. It is extremely frustrating seeing Steve Nash post up and Robin Lopez come off a screen and spot up for a 3.
heh...Nate Robinson does that for me and i have seen David Lee shoot threes in my player mode..
# 625 kwabalicious @ 02/28/10 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by Aeronaut
Can the patch be downloaded and installed manually if the PS3 can't hook up to the net? If so how?
From what I've heard people say on this site, no.
# 626 Lews @ 02/28/10 03:05 PM
Hi guys, yesterday I needed to ask some things about the 2 versions of the patch...I noticed a topic about the problems caused in the association mode by the second one (the name of the topic was "Association is ruined"), so I posted in there, but now that topic is in the 2nd page (even if there was even another user that had the same problems and posted right after me) and probably nobody will see it again for a long time.

Now, since this is the topic about the patch with most answers, why don't you make it sticky, so that everybody needs help about it can post here? There are so many topics that they keep moving from one page to another, and people keep asking the same things in a lot of different topics.
I know I'm a new user, and I'm sorry about the complain...it's just an advice, I really think if you make some sticky topics about the most common problems people won't create useless ones.

I copy and paste what I wrote in the other topic, I hope this time somebody will notice it

I started a My Player season, but then I dropped it because of the bugs; I couldn't change quarter lenght, the guy kept telling me there were some teams interested to sign me but nothing happened, and then I heard the game freezed at the end of the first season, so I stopped playin' it and started an Association.

I changed a lot of teams (Miami, Chicago, and Toronto), so I never actually played through an entire season, but my brother did it and, at the end of the first year, the game freezed during offseason...no matter what he did, he couldn't move on.

Now, I wanted to try with the patches, and since I've read in this thread about the problems caused by the second one, I was wondering which one I should use (I downloaded the first patch some time ago). Is the first one enough to solve the problems I talked about? Another thing I couldn't stand is the autosave glitch, was it solved in one of the patches?

Thanks for the answers, and sorry for the bad English (I'm Italian), bye!
# 627 noodleboy @ 03/08/10 10:02 AM
where can i find the link for this patch to be downloaded for the ps3? i have no internet connection at home just at work? pls pls pls
# 628 jeebs9 @ 03/23/10 07:43 PM
^^Hope your happy^^.....SMH
# 629 noop @ 07/18/10 01:20 AM
Is there anywhere I can download the patch without connecting to Xbox live?
# 630 RedmanR @ 07/19/10 05:58 PM
This topic is old as dirty and should be locked! Why bump it if no one has posted in over 4 months
# 631 Phreezy P @ 07/19/10 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by RedmanR
This topic is old as dirty and should be locked! Why bump it if no one has posted in over 4 months
Why not!?
# 632 KyotoCarl @ 07/21/10 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by airaron32
Why not!?
Cause dead threads are supposed to be kept dead. It's an unofficial-official forum rule that's been in place in all forums since the beginning.

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