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Playstation.Blog has posted the first MLB '10: The Show blog of the year. This one covers the new 30-Player Franchise Mode.

"Hey everyone, the MLB FE team here to bring you the first installment of the MLB 10: The Show blogs. For this entry, we’ll be talking about some of the details that have gone into the new 30-Player Franchise Mode.

One of our goals going into this year was to finally enable the ability to mimic your real-life counterpart rosters when in Franchise mode. In order to do so, we had to allow all 30 teams to be set for user control. Before we could even dive into that, we had to change up how profiles and options work."

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# 1 ShowTyme15 @ 01/20/10 04:12 PM
Nice find. This answers everyones "fantasy Injury" questions now aha.
# 2 bodhiball @ 01/20/10 04:13 PM
Single A!
Oh man Kinght and company....roster editing has just become even harder!

psyched about this, even though we cant play them in games.
# 3 Chef Matt @ 01/20/10 04:14 PM
And so it begins.
# 4 TwinsTerritory @ 01/20/10 04:14 PM
That manual injuries option is cool. It's always been hard when wanting to use the real roster to send down a proven player.
# 5 Shaffer26 @ 01/20/10 04:17 PM
Adding injuries to players is what I've been waiting for, this is awesome.
# 6 cnh2os84 @ 01/20/10 04:19 PM
OMG! Great News! Can't wait to spend my whole summer messing with injuries on ALL the teams!
# 7 TheRock88 @ 01/20/10 04:19 PM
# 8 jeremym480 @ 01/20/10 04:21 PM
Holy **** Batman! That's great news. I wasn't even expecting that.
# 9 bp4baseball @ 01/20/10 04:22 PM
Sounds great!!! I can't wait
# 10 SLVRSLGR. @ 01/20/10 04:26 PM
# 11 dmbfan1970 @ 01/20/10 04:28 PM
Hmmm...Looks like I might be delving into the Franchise mode this year with these must have options that have been added - Manual injuries, control of all teams, single A, waiver period. VERY VERY NICE!!!
# 12 manny7788 @ 01/20/10 04:28 PM
Sounds very good!!!
# 13 cnh2os84 @ 01/20/10 04:30 PM
Looking at the screens. . .

I feel bad for those three guys that are 26 years old and still on single A.

Sounds like the team has a few lifetime minor leaguers!

So.... with 25 each MLB, AAA, AA and 15 for class A, does this mean we can do a 90 round fantasy draft for franchise?!?!?!?!
# 14 Speedy @ 01/20/10 04:33 PM
I didn't expect Single-A teams...the fact I can't play w/them isn't major at all, I just wanted more prospects. Awesome stuff!
# 15 risky @ 01/20/10 04:36 PM
Wow nice find. I love the waiver stuff and single A. I feel sorry for knight now but i bet he is stoked.
# 16 ty5oke @ 01/20/10 04:38 PM
Awesome news.. great find Enigma
# 17 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/20/10 04:45 PM
I am hoping that manual injuries can be set to on in season mode as well.
# 18 ckarlic @ 01/20/10 04:49 PM
Sweet. The blogs are finally upon us. Now the information should start to roll in.
# 19 hitstreak13 @ 01/20/10 04:55 PM
OMG! This is definitely going to be the best franchise to date. March 3rd can't get here fast enough. Awsome blog. Made my day.
# 20 tadoreo @ 01/20/10 04:55 PM
YESSS THE EMAIL SYSTEM I loved that in 2k and MVP. I hope it tells you that a player is unhappy so I can trade him away....

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