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Kotaku lists a few games they'd like to see on the new Apple Tablet. What would you like to see?

"Word on the street is that Electronic Arts is going to have a big presence when Apple gets around to unveiling its tablet computer next week. So let's take a look at some of the games we'll hopefully be seeing.

While conjecture has settled on the device being little more than a giant iPhone, both in terms of input (almost entirely through the touch-screen) and its operating system, there's one key difference at play: the size of the screen.

Because the tablet will be a larger device, the iPhone's cramped display is a thing of the past. Not only will gamers have finer control with their finger movements, but there'll be more room for buttons and menus, and more room for finger gestures.

So not only will the tablet be able to run more kinds of games, those games won't suffer as harshly as iPhone titles have when substituting a mouse or control pad for the swiping of a finger. Throw in the expected increase in performance over an iPhone and the tablet is a far more formidable gaming platform than most people are giving it credit for at the moment."

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# 1 LucianoJJ @ 01/22/10 10:21 AM
If it works and it has the right content, the new Apple Tablet could be huge. If it bombs, it could kill all the momentum Apple has gained since the iPod and the iPhone turned Apple into a major player again. The tip-top? Apple Tablet succeeds beyond Wii. The absolute worst case scenario? Apple tanks.

Which games specifically? Titles that are more arcade in nature. Is this the Madden surprise? The NFL for Apple Tablet?
# 2 LucianoJJ @ 01/27/10 03:13 PM
A version of Need For Speed was featured at launch of the iPad. The games that can be played on the iPhone will mostly likely be playable on the new device.
# 3 sarienbarry @ 02/02/10 01:08 PM
I could see it working really well for RTS or RPG games, that sort of thing. That is where the screen size and the multi-touch would really matter, but showcasing a shooter?
# 4 Cusefan @ 02/06/10 05:08 PM
Sim City would be perfect for the Tablet

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