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IGN has posted an article on How to Make the Super Bowl Cool in Madden NFL 11.

"With the technology afforded to developers in the videogame realm, it's pretty awful that they aren't leveraging it for the most important game on the NFL's schedule. Back in the day broadcasters struggled to replicate the behind-the-quarterback viewpoint that videogames present. Now that they've been able to do that with the wire cam, the question is, "Where do they go next?"

It could be as basic as offering historical facts about each Super Bowl team. Record dialogue for each team that's only played during the Super Bowl. Seems easy, right? Or maybe some new way of delivering instant replays that's unique to the big game. Regardless, it should be something that's more impressive than what we get week in and week out in our Madden season."

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# 1 TDogg09 @ 02/01/10 07:06 PM
I hope that Ian and co. see this. I agree that Madden 10's Super Bowl was the best of any of them, but I was still disappointed. It was really short, and yeah, there was no special audio. It was blah.
# 2 BrianFifaFan @ 02/01/10 07:17 PM
I'm gonna try and post some footage I captured of PES2010 and the Champions League intro. Hopefully it won't get shot down by the YouTube police. But that's the kind of Presentation that Madden team needs to strive for. The Super Bowl is as much about pageantry as about football, if not more.....

Here's a bit that I found on YouTube. This is championship-level presentation. And it only part of it.
# 3 Rashad19 @ 02/01/10 07:46 PM
Brian all I can say is Wooooowwww...color me impressed!!!
# 4 michigan21 @ 02/01/10 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by Rashad19
Brian all I can say is Wooooowwww...color me impressed!!!
I second that. Damn.
# 5 BrianFifaFan @ 02/01/10 08:27 PM
I just finally got that game for PC (I'm a Fifa diehard...) and I was like, "Dang! That's presentation! " With all of the NFL assets at EA's fingertips, they could surely come up with something of this level. That is the real CL footage and theme that you see on the broadcast with cutscenes and real-time action to bring it all together. I love how it has your computer players over the guys in the background waving the cover and then the real CL graphics for the lineups, complete with waving flags in it, and the real theme playing as the lineups are introduced, just high class stuff. The Super Bowl deserves that kind of treatment.
# 6 Ian_Cummings @ 02/01/10 09:06 PM
I think seeing the reaction on OS to a gatorade dump mini-game and being able to say it was IGN's idea might be worth the time to build it.

# 7 BrianFifaFan @ 02/01/10 09:38 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
I think seeing the reaction on OS to a gatorade dump mini-game and being able to say it was IGN's idea might be worth the time to build it.

When are you gonna get some real "football" presentation? I'd like to see a lot of fanfair like the UEFA CL vid. Can't ESPN or the NFL give you guys some prime stock footage where you could build a snazzy SB intro. Not saying this year wasn't a huge, I mean huge upgrade, but NBA Live had the playoff intros with the starting lineups and then, well you see the CL stuff. Time to boost the presention up another notch! But I will say that you guys have beat Fifa in the presentaion dept. by a country mile.
# 8 Tbo24 @ 02/01/10 09:46 PM
Make the whole season in general more exciting. Whether you add NFL.com headlines (Nba 2K10), or bring back some sort of weekly radio show..seasons in Madden just bore the hell out of me.
# 9 bang911 @ 02/01/10 10:27 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
I think seeing the reaction on OS to a gatorade dump mini-game and being able to say it was IGN's idea might be worth the time to build it.


You can then point the people back to this thread and make them put their foot in their mouth.
# 10 redsfan4life @ 02/01/10 10:41 PM
I just don't think Tom Hammond is the right guy. Maybe he didn't take his voice overs seriously this past year..but he's pretty terrible. Gotta put up with him screaming 'END ZOOOOONE' on every pass to the end zone from 25 yards out. My friend and I actually joke about it, sounds like he's taking a crap or something. But yeah Hammond needs to go, Collinsworth isn't bad at times. Oh, and they need to remove that Ask Madden audio where you can be up 42-10 and Madden will comment about it being a two score game or something. I wish they would give you the option to turn the Ask Madden audio off like NCAA has. Would be a welcome addition. The fact that I'm still playing this game obviously tells you I hold it in high regards, but there are areas for definite improvement. I really like how they improved the draft this year, it's pretty addictive. Free agency and re-signing players however needs some work. A player shouldn't decline a massive contract to re-sign with me then take half of what I offered from another team. Or at least it should be very rare, it happens almost every year. Wide receivers need to be alot more aggressive with the ball in the air, they just kind of wait back for it, I really hope they address the WR/DB interactions and of course, improve the OL play..which is still a very real problem in the game. It was better this year, but still not great. All in all the guys at EA should feel proud of this game, for the first time in the nex gen console era they produced a very, very good football sim, at least in my humble opinion.
# 11 TheWatcher @ 02/01/10 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by BrianFifaFan
I'm gonna try and post some footage I captured of PES2010 and the Champions League intro. Hopefully it won't get shot down by the YouTube police. But that's the kind of Presentation that Madden team needs to strive for. The Super Bowl is as much about pageantry as about football, if not more.....

Here's a bit that I found on YouTube. This is championship-level presentation. And it only part of it.
Man, that was chilling.
# 12 Hova57 @ 02/01/10 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by michigan21
I second that. Damn.
dude if that was possible on madden i would need some heavy meds to calm me down. not only was it hard as hell to hear the announcers but they had freakin people waving the flags in the background. every goal hurt my ears i had to turn the volume down on my computer
# 13 GiantBlue76 @ 02/02/10 02:26 AM
The presentation has to more than just "exist". The cut scenes need to be in the correct context. I don't want to see them like I did in Madden 10 (for the brief time I had the game). If Tony Romo is carted off the field, I don't want to see a cut scene one play later with him standing on the sideline talking on the phone to the booth upstairs. You don't just add the presentation for presentation sake. It needs to fit, like you are watching a real game, it needs to have context. The announcers need to make comments about what is actually happening on the field, use the telestrator, talk about how a key injury in the game is really going to affect (or not affect) a certain team, etc. etc. The list goes on. Play 2k5 and you will see what I am saying.
# 14 aussiepats89 @ 02/02/10 02:32 AM
This year was a massive upgrade but it could be much better. I'd like to see first of all, accurate rotation in terms of the home team, not team with the best record. I think just more cutscenes (& postgame audio) would be great. Not sure how much goes into doing the cutscenes but that's my thoughts.

For the pre-game: start off with shots of the stadium & commentators talking about the game & matchup, then have both teams running onto the field, not just one, national anthem & flyover etc, then have players walking up to the coin toss & have the commisioner doing the toss then onto the game. Overall this could take a minute or two & be skippable up to the toss.

During the game on the sidelines have the media part of the field next to the benches & endzones filled up with photographers etc. Plus cheerleaders of course.

For halftime the actual show may be a bit of a challenge to integrate so just something little like both teams running to the lockers & the stage beginning to be built as Hammond's replacement throws to the studio. Normally I just choose an artist & do a playlist on my ipod anyway.

After the game it's the right idea what's in 10 but just more is needed, more scenes, more excitement, more noise & more time they take up.
# 15 mm boost @ 02/02/10 11:51 AM
Just throwing in my tid bit on how I think it would make the super bowl authentic. My problem with Madden's version of the super bowl...it's actually nothing to work towards. You get there, win, and boom, season is over, yay. NO excitement or emotion. You look on alot of threads on here, people are wanting to pick ****ty teams and actually enjoy losing some games because there is no real strategy to the games or the season. You work towards, well, nothing really.

My suggestions:

Have a Super Bowl week. Have it like a calendar, and make it optional, where if we just want to skip the planner and just play the game, we can. But on the planner, we can have one day where it's media day, with interviews and such. Then have a game analysis where it shows 2 guys in the booth at the empty stadium talking about the keys to the game, injury reports, rumors, etc etc. Cross-compare the stats and season results from both teams, or have like a highlight video showing off some of the season's biggest plays. Alot of this is wishful thinking, but NFL 2k5 was very close to do this, and I believe they would be there, if not a step further if they was still making games. So i do NOT believe it is unattainable.

Also, when the superbowl starts, have like an aerial helicopter shot of the stadium showing the stadium lit up, fans entering, cars surrounding the stadium, etc. Before the game, show the introductions of the starters, have the full national anthem (that can be skipped), planes flying over, show players warming up, coaching comparisons, etc. Of course have the patches on the uni's and such. Have the announcers ACTUALLY talk about the superbowl and the season that was. Then, at the end of each quarter, have like 2-3 made up commercials that can be skipped, or atleast have some sort of quarter analysis like they used to, and add in some super bowl over lays. Lets say the superbowl is brought to you by Snickers, they have something to do with that. Then, at half time, do the normal half time show with highlights, but with actual commentary this time., Watching highlights with no one speaking the whole time KILLS ME. SOOOO boring. You have the ESPN license, use it. Have Berman do the play by play. After the game has finished, have the team that won surge the field with confetti falling, fireworks, show the team mates jumping around with hats, shirts, newspapers, etc etc. Have a FULL trophy presentation, not just glimpses and pieces randomly put together like it was on Madden 2010. Then, have an interview with the MVP of the game, and things like that. Do something to REALLY drive home the fact that, "Hey, I just played a full 16 game season, came in as a Wild Card with the Cowboys, and made it to the big game and won it all"...bring some emotion to the table, make it feel like it was well worth playing the full season, and not just simming it all. I think a team should be hired on at EA to just focus on presentation things like these. It would add so much to the game.

Ok, that's my 2 cents. Please Ian and EA, deliver what we want this year!! Build off of what Madden 2010 started, and give us our first true, immersive football game ever created. We are begging you!! You would gain so many loyal fans, and probably re-capture ex-madden fans. You showed what you guys could do with 2010, build off of that!!!
# 16 ch46647 @ 02/02/10 12:02 PM
^^^^^ Excellent post! My thoughts exactly.
# 17 Rashad19 @ 02/02/10 12:25 PM
MMBoost is dead on with his thoughts!! Great ideas man!
# 18 mm boost @ 02/02/10 12:38 PM
I would kill to be on a creative team for a video game maker, especially in the football department. I have so many ideas, it would take days to type out everything. I played for 17 years, so I have thorough knowledge of the game, in terms of x's and o's, and in terms of what makes football stand out among the other sports. My ideas range from lighting and reflections on players, to camera angles, to presentation tidbits, to sidelines and stadiums. List goes on and on. Sigh, I have to stick to posting on OS hoping someone hear's my ideas.

Thanks guys.
# 19 rsoxguy12 @ 02/02/10 03:03 PM
mm Boost's post totally drove it home in terms of presentation; I agree with everything said. And also, I would like to note that it would be great if all of these features would be compatible with created teams. When I got to the Super Bowl with my Boston Bulldogs, I was pretty bummed when I saw what was supposed to be the super bowl patch just a spot of bright blue. Or green..I don't remember the color.
Anyway, if presentation is something that the team is focusing on (and I really hope it is), please give us something that will WOW us and feel like we accomplished the ultimate goal of any NFL team - to win the Super Bowl.
# 20 Uncle Stumpy @ 02/02/10 04:31 PM
In my opinion, which amounts to not much I admit, EA has always failed at capturing the jubilation of winniing championships in all sports. I remember winning a tourney in Tiger 10 and there wasn't even a trophy presentation, wtf? I want to me player holding the trophy, practically crying with happiness. Facial emotion would be so nice, instead of exaggerated body movement. I'd love to see a championship parade after winning. I won the superbowl with my Pro and was incredibly dissapointed.

It's frustrating. Yes, I want that visual representation when I actually win something. It's like my reward for succeeding in the game.

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