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Teamxbox has posted their hands-on preview of Major League Baseball 2K10.

"Batting has been simplified in one regard, in that you only have three swing types you can make: contact (by pushing the stick forward), power (by pulling the stick back and pushing forward) and defensive, protect-the-plate swing (by pushing left or right). You don’t have to indicate at what level off the ground you’re swinging, as the game will make contact with the ball if you make a good swing, but you need to have the timing right in relation to the pitch speed, the pitch type and where the throw is over the plate. Doing the practice drills throughout the My Player career mode will help you get all that down, as some of the drills reward you for exceeding the number of pulled and opposite-field hits you’re prompted to get.

The camera you get during batting was lowered so it’s more “inside” the strike zone. 2K felt that this gave a nicer perspective on the pitches being thrown and enabled the batter to have a better look at what was coming. The “Eye System” was also added, where certain players (depending on their real-world ability to detect pitches) can get the type of pitch and a general indication of where the pitch will be as it’s being delivered. Batters that aren’t as adept might only get a slight indication of where the pitch will be and not have any insight into what kind of pitch it’ll be."

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# 1 sonnyleesmith @ 02/02/10 07:41 PM
It wasn't anything earth shattering, but it does sound like fielding looks solid.
# 2 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/02/10 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by sonnyleesmith
It wasn't anything earth shattering, but it does sound like fielding looks solid.
Yeah kind of what we've been hearing, I'm just happy that I keep hearing about how improved the animations are during Fielding & Throwing.
# 3 HK-47 @ 02/02/10 07:56 PM
All of these previews say the same thing...Let us see the freakin' game in action already!
# 4 Eddie1967 @ 02/02/10 08:47 PM
looking forward to this game!
# 5 rock85 @ 02/02/10 10:49 PM
Throughout the gameplay, the look of various plays can be stunning. Part of this has to do with the amount of motion-capture (mo-cap) animation that 2K undertook. I was told that, in particular, there were a lot of two-player mo-cap sessions done. These make situations where’s interaction—such as a runner coming in on a double play or a play at the plate—much more dramatic and impactful…often literally. 2K used a bunch of stuntmen sliding and running into each other, then coded the game so that one of these comes up when the time is right. There’s nothing better than breaking up a double play…and seeing the players interacting realistically in the course of it

Same old same old, but i like what he said here
# 6 Molarmite @ 02/03/10 12:41 AM
I like that they finally added the batter's eye. I've been waiting for this since MVP Baseball.
# 7 mdbigman @ 02/03/10 10:20 AM
I did not get MLB 2k9. Do you think I should pick up 2k10?
# 8 humaca80 @ 02/03/10 11:42 AM
If it is anything like 2k7 it's a purchase. Anything like the the rest it's a pass. It looks promising but then again, so did last year and that was a dud. I love the trailers so far though so I'm optimistic
# 9 BigBlue @ 02/03/10 12:13 PM
Sorry, I stopped reading the preview as soon as I came to where the writer says, 'While I'm not an expert at baseball videogames ...'

What a waste. Where's Bill Abner when you need him!


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