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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 02/03/10 10:52 AM
It's an interesting idea for the 2d real heads on the 3d bodies, but I'm still kind of hoping that it goes from Wii to 360 (or XBLA), personally. I'd have to play it to see how it is.
# 2 Mintsa @ 02/03/10 11:32 AM
I wonder how in depth they're going to make this game ???

Will it be simple old school NBA jam (run, shoot, dunk)

or will they add dribble move and stuff like that ????

Graphic wise....I'm loving the look of the game so far.

I wish it wasn't only for the Wii.
# 3 Blzer @ 02/03/10 12:12 PM
# 4 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/03/10 01:09 PM
Those heads are killin me.
# 5 jyoung @ 02/03/10 01:12 PM
Looks good.

Now lets get it on a console that sports gamers actually play.
# 6 JWiLL55au @ 02/03/10 07:55 PM
Wow! Couldn't be happier with the art direction till this point!

As for gameplay, personally I would like it as close to the run and shove/block shoot/dunk as is possible with perhaps a few new 'powerups' thrown in.

I would love advancements to be made in the audio (commentary/sound effects), and off-the-court stuff like stat tracking. Given it's an EA game, it would also be nice to have a good selection of alternate unis and shoes, but I feel it's development for the Wii may limit the scope for cooler bells and whistles.
# 7 duke776 @ 02/03/10 08:24 PM
If I had a Wii I'd probably pick this up. I guess that's why I still have NBA showtime for N64.
# 8 TracerBullet @ 02/04/10 02:49 AM
This reminds me of Mel Gibson on South Park haha.

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