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# 1 green94 @ 02/04/10 08:31 PM
Great find.... Mauer is sick. Love him, and I'm a White Sox fan.
# 2 Reaman @ 02/04/10 08:54 PM
Thank you Jdurg!
# 3 Reaman @ 02/04/10 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Jdurg
So that was at Community Day? Sweet! You got rid of him like our Yankee pitchers did during the Division Series last year.
# 4 bp4baseball @ 02/04/10 09:24 PM
Nice video. Joe seems like a real cool guy and I love his reaction when striking out
# 5 JermaineDye05 @ 02/04/10 10:20 PM
Jake Peavy striking out Joe Mauer... I hope to see plenty of that in 2010 in both the show and in real life. Also looks like you guys may have tweaked with his motion a bit. It looks much better.
# 6 oakland89 @ 02/04/10 10:33 PM
Don't wory Joe, everyone is nervous their first time. Oh, and someone tell Kubel to sign up here on OS since he's such a big gamer.
# 7 bp4baseball @ 02/04/10 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by oakland89
Oh, and someone tell Kubel to sign up here on OS since he's such a big gamer.
That would be AWESOME!!!
# 8 PLite14 @ 02/04/10 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
Wow. Is that lady an intern or on her first-ever assignment!? Very amateur-ish.

Mauer came thru nicely though,despite the stupid questions.
I guess maybe if we were young women interviewing Joe Mauer, we would be in awe too.

# 9 bukktown @ 02/05/10 01:42 AM
Could mo cap suits be any dorkier looking? Mauer is such a goofball. I love him though. Even though I am a Twins fan, part of me wants to see him sign with the Red Sox. 81 home games at Fenway might let him hit .400. He has like 25 fly outs a year to the left field warning track if not more.
# 10 jbaldwin311 @ 02/05/10 01:09 PM
I know I will get some non believers but that is ok.

I played 3 years with Kubel in Highschool, American Legion and Travel ball so when she asked about any gamers I was thinking, watch him say Kubel and sure enough. Our assistant coach had a decked out Van with a TV and PS. A lot of madden gaming going on and I remember him being one into it.

Good stuff and can't wait for the game.
# 11 Woodweaver @ 02/05/10 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by RedbirdFan18
Yeah, those were some stupid questions. Notice she said MB 10 Series, WTF? For one, if she's talking about the series, it would be called MLB The Show Series or just "The Show". If it was the game, it would be called MLB 10 The Show.
LOL! She's doing her best...standing in a hole while interviewing someone can be distracting!

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