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# 1 ARMORALLL @ 02/05/10 09:15 PM
# 2 jdr4693 @ 02/05/10 09:20 PM
# 3 Mr. Franchise @ 02/05/10 09:22 PM
i love you
# 4 Cubfan @ 02/05/10 09:22 PM
Was just going to post this. I couldn't tell if that was fair or foul untill the replay was shown. Awesome job by the team to add replays in to the game. Can the player control if a replay is needed or is that controled by the computer? I wonder if thats going to be a real life issue this spring at Target Field weather homeruns are fair or foul in left field.
# 5 Cubfan @ 02/05/10 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by jim416
I'm pretty sure this is going to be computer controlled.
Ok cool thanks Jim.
# 6 Reaman @ 02/05/10 09:26 PM
Thank you jdr4693!
# 7 jdr4693 @ 02/05/10 09:30 PM
Thank you jdr4693!
No problem
# 8 green94 @ 02/05/10 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise
i love you
# 9 green94 @ 02/05/10 09:34 PM
This game looks a million times better than last year, I'm not even sure how that is possible.

- Lighting
- Infield Dirt
- Broadcast camera

I mean WTF, it looks like a completely different game yet it remains the same.

I'm floored.
# 10 Tommyklaid @ 02/05/10 09:35 PM
Drool, Drool
# 11 MelMan1486 @ 02/05/10 09:37 PM
Looks amazing!
# 12 jdr4693 @ 02/05/10 09:38 PM
This game looks SO good, I only wish I had an HDTV to play it on... because I know it will look unbelievable in HD
# 13 green94 @ 02/05/10 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by jim416

That was my impression at the event. Nemesis was playing it on a really big screen LCD, probably 57" and it looked amazing.
Jim - I just don't get it. Seriously. It looks like a different game....the combination of everything they have tweaked/added this year just makes the game amazing visually.

Even something as small as the clouds and shadows on the field just completely separate MLB09 from MLB10. I'm in awe... not much more to say I guess.
# 14 Blzer @ 02/05/10 09:41 PM
The new presentation makes it look like an entirely different game!

Not much Campbell and Hudler had to say in those two videos, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
# 15 sinkdog @ 02/05/10 09:45 PM
I am literally so excited I just threw up in my mouth a little!!!
# 16 countryboy @ 02/05/10 09:47 PM
out of curiousity...where are the bullpens located at in Target Field?
# 17 queensbomber @ 02/05/10 09:47 PM
I remember popping in 09 and saying "O man this looks a million times better than 08".
And now just from watching these 2 clips, 10 looks amazingly better.
Looks like it flows much better, could be the RTP.

I wonder if i'll say the same thing a year from now!
Kinda hard to believe thay can actually make it look any better than it already does.
# 18 Greene_Flash03 @ 02/05/10 09:48 PM
Love the:

- Video review cutscene
- Players leaning in the dugout
- Broadcast camera
- New check swing animations
# 19 JermaineDye05 @ 02/05/10 09:59 PM
This is a small thing, but I really like the way you can tell that there's been some wear and tear at homeplate with the way the dirt has been kicked around.
# 20 Blzer @ 02/05/10 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by miamimarlins1
Graphics look amazing. Unbelievable. My only gripe is those pitching motions look pretty bad
It sounds like these gameplay videos aren't from the most recent build, because as Chris said, even Joe Mauer's routine is outdated. We should be seeing some more stuff down the road it seems.

EDIT: Unless I imagined it, I can't find that post by Chris anywhere. I'm probably not looking in the right threads.

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