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Quick Hits
  • Want to bring emotion of the sport, especially the commentators.
  • Thinks the hardcore Madden fans will be happy.
  • Adding player authenticity, which will be stressed heavily.
  • Getting the players to act and behave like they do in real life.
  • How to embrace different levels of Madden players.
  • Everything you see on Sunday, is still the ultimate goal.
  • Roughtly, mid-March the communication between the communities begin.

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# 1 Molarmite @ 02/07/10 06:59 PM
Nothing special but not too bad either. Something is always better than nothing, looking forward to new blogs.
# 2 Bremser_Rules @ 02/07/10 07:02 PM
Zero info my friends!
# 3 nuckles2k2 @ 02/07/10 07:02 PM
What's going on with the hair Ian?

That vlog was about what I was expecting, but still get ready for the bashing... even though it would be completely illogical to expect blockbuster info 7 days into February. And did Donny say anything about PhysX in that part that was bleeped out? Come on marketing department....
# 4 rsoxguy12 @ 02/07/10 07:02 PM
I'm glad that presentation is something that's in their eyes to improve for Madden 11.
# 5 Scott @ 02/07/10 07:03 PM
Good hearing they aren't going away from sim.
# 6 Brandwin @ 02/07/10 07:04 PM
What was the video about? I can't get it to load.
# 7 TexasBorn1 @ 02/07/10 07:04 PM
Zero info,but still better than The Who.
# 8 psymin1 @ 02/07/10 07:06 PM
Yeah, like Molarmite said, nothing too special there (thanks to the damn marketing department making them block out something that could have been really cool to know). It was neat to get some faces with the name, though. The new guy whose name I can't remember (used to work on Blitz, etc) did scare me a little bit, though. With him trying to open up the audience has the potential to mean bad things for the guys who have been playing for 20 years. Hopefully that will balance out alright. I didn't learn anything new, but it was pretty cool anyway. Good job making the game more personable; with 2k sports titles I really feel like it is a company who cares what I have to say, and now I am starting to get that with EA also (this just adds to that feeling).
# 9 Jamin23 @ 02/07/10 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by DookieMowf
What was the video about? I can't get it to load.
It basically talked about the teams vision for the game.
# 10 jyoung @ 02/07/10 07:08 PM
Appreciate you guys taking the time to make something for us.

I'm guessing marketing is to blame for the team not being able to give us any concrete details.

Boo marketing!
# 11 Pappy Knuckles @ 02/07/10 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by DookieMowf
What was the video about? I can't get it to load.
Nothing really. They interviewed a couple of guys involved with the game and talked about what things they liked about Madden 10, and what they will be working on for Madden 11. Then they all give their Super Bowl picks. It's nothing too informative, but I guess it's cool they put something together to interact with the community. You're not gonna find any real info in this though.
# 12 Millennium @ 02/07/10 07:12 PM
Anyone pause the video anytime a white board was shown to attempt to see what was on it?
# 13 ThaShark28_316 @ 02/07/10 07:12 PM
I did like that new def. formations board...

had to pause the vid right there haha.
# 14 PantherBeast_OS @ 02/07/10 07:12 PM
Good blog. Might not much new info right now. But mid-march well be hear before we know it. Thanks for the blog madden crew. Keep up with the hard work.
# 15 davis420 @ 02/07/10 07:12 PM
You know presentation will be different this year. If NCAA Basketball has a great presentation just with the same repeated lines, you know Madden can have some top notch commentary. I hope
# 16 SageInfinite @ 02/07/10 07:14 PM
Appreciate the blog dev team, thanx. Marketing really sucks though!!!!
# 17 seriousluboy83 @ 02/07/10 07:16 PM
EA needs a new marketing department...BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!...calm down folks i'm playing...happy to see they took time out to give us something
# 18 Jump @ 02/07/10 07:19 PM
As expected, not much info, but better than nothing. Does seem like they are really pushing presentation a lot though. Would a been nice to see some more love for gameplay.
# 19 CreatineKasey @ 02/07/10 07:22 PM
Turmell defending his view on accessability. GRRR!!

I was hoping he'd be like: "I was tortured all those years holding my SIM vision.. now I get to unleash it onto all of you Madden fans!".

Hopefully they just put "Madden arcade" within Madden as another game mode like the Wii for casual gamers.

I really really like Donny Moore's presentation skills and view on the game. He really knows what we want and what we want to hear. Donny is the man! Give me authenticity!
# 20 bonannogiovanni @ 02/07/10 07:22 PM
The only bit of new info I got from the vlog is that Ian's got a new haircut!!

See you mid-march EA....

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