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"Improvements stretch to the pitch itself as the grass benefits from some extra attention. It might not seem like a feature to get excited about - unless Gardener's Question Time is where you get your thrills - but the difference it makes to the game's aesthetic is immeasurable thanks to the ubiquity of the green stuff.

But the biggest improvement is multi-faceted and feeds into one thing: the atmosphere. As its producer Humber alluded earlier on, 2010 FIFA World Cup is about recreating the unique thrill of the tournament, and it's something that the team at Vancouver have captured well. In-game it's evident on the pitch itself, which becomes littered with confetti and streamers that are flung from the onlookers."


"We've made over 100 enhancements to gameplay," Humber adds. An impressive-sounding figure, but what does it mean in reality? First, the fixes. Problems with goalies coming off their lines have been addressed, as have those with chipped shots and controlling aerial balls, so players should now chest and move without freezing mid-animation. It's all about "fluidity."


"So, World Cup will have the authentic FIFA broadcast captions, LED advertisement boards that glow during night games, confetti raining down on the players, fireworks on the roof, camera flashes especially during goal and trophy celebrations, and seat cards, which fans hold up before games begin. Then there's the brand new 3D crowd - yes, finally!. You know when you're watching football on the box and the camera man zooms in on the only two pretty girls in the stadium, or the nut balls wearing stupid outfits or elaborate face paint? Yeah, well, that's in the game."


"One of the most surprising aspects of 2010 FIFA World Cup is just how much the graphics have changed from a technical perspective. The new lighting engine really adds to the realism of the players, with comparison shots of Ashley Cole and, particularly, Peter Crouch revealing the greatest improvement in the new game. The pitch is similarly improved, with richer, more textured grass clearly shown in Wembley comparison shots. With the carnival atmosphere of the competition added to the game, 2010 FIFA World Cup is substantially different from its predecessor in terms of visuals."

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