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The Official Nintendo Magazine website has posted some new EA Sports NBA JAM screenshots.

"Fans of old school sports action might want to keep an eye out for NBA Jam. It's coming to Wii later on this year."

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EA Sports NBA JAM Videos
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# 1 Stumbleweed @ 02/09/10 11:03 AM
Ha, looks surprisingly cool actually. The funny look on Kobe's face when he's dunking is hilarious -- that paper cutout almost South Park look to the faces adds some nice humor. LOL @ Gasol's big-*** head. If they can keep the old school gameplay, these shiny graphics and unique look should make this a fun diversion. Now if only it came out on XBox Live instead of just the damn Wii...
# 2 GSW @ 02/09/10 11:04 AM
can someone post the Screenshot in here?
# 3 Stumbleweed @ 02/09/10 11:18 AM

# 4 GSW @ 02/09/10 11:21 AM
damn...still blocked...thanks anyway stumble
# 5 Fiddy @ 02/09/10 11:54 AM
man, this looks solid graphically. esp for the wii.. i cant wait for this game!! i dont think i have said that about a game in a long time and its for the wii of all systems lol.

please lil baby jesus, make this game available on xbox live marketplace.
# 6 jyoung @ 02/09/10 12:22 PM
Looks awesome.

Just wish it was coming to the 360/PS3.
# 7 Fiddy @ 02/09/10 04:32 PM
oh yeah, please be online!!

i would love to have an NBA JAM League at the United Leagues.. (crosses fingers)
# 8 FlyRice @ 02/18/10 03:43 AM
Damn this game looks pretty awesome. PS3/XBOX please .
# 9 Fiddy @ 02/18/10 09:14 PM
yeah, seriously.. thank you EA.

they starting to get it. they cant do sim, so take it back to old school!! smart move IMO for them. i just hope this hits live marketplace.

thanks ea

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