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Videogamer has posted an interview with Simon Humber, Line Producer of 2010 FIFA World Cup.

VG: "Some have already begun asking why World Cup isn't FIFA 10 downloadable content. What do you say to that? Why shouldn't it be FIFA 10 DLC?"

Simon: "Firstly, DLC is limited in terms of how big it can be. If we eject the disc from a 360 over there and look at it, it's a DVDs worth of data. DLC isn't set up for that at the moment. That's the first point. Secondly, this is the world's biggest sporting event. It deserves its own platform. It's only once every four years. A great many people want a World Cup game. They want something totally unique. If you were just playing the World Cup using what FIFA 10 has for presentation for stadiums etc, it wouldn't be the World Cup. We want to produce the de facto authentic tournament experience so that when you're watching games this summer and you're playing the game you feel that connection. Maybe you want to play before the game, maybe sneak in a game at half time if you can't be bothered to listen to Hansen and Lineker, and then play it afterwards. It's a big social occasion as well. Groups of people get together to watch matches, play in game modes together, just playing co-op kick off matches, co-op online matches."

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# 1 BroMontana82 @ 02/09/10 04:42 PM
what games modes will there be? the thing holding me back is replay value...manager mode is pretty good in fifa 10.
# 2 elprez98 @ 02/10/10 08:10 AM
I can't justify a $60 purchase of World Cup. I'll buy it if its 30 though.
# 3 Winson~~ @ 02/10/10 09:04 AM
"Nine of them are not eligible for this product because four of them didn't enter and five were thrown out because they weren't able to arrange their first match or something bizarre like that."

Which are these 9 countries?

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