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Eurogamer has the scoop.

"2010 FIFA World Cup line producer Simon Humber told Eurogamer during a recent hands-on event that the FIFA 11 team was considering rewarding "people for completing matches rather than quitting out".

"It's a complex problem. We do have the five-minute rule: if you find your connection's poor you can drop out within the first five minutes.

"After that there should be a penalty; just in the online world there are complexities that mean by the time the data comes back to our servers, something there means it doesn't award the win to the right person. So we're always looking to improve that."

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# 1 ODogg @ 02/09/10 10:54 AM
It would be great if they could figure out a way to keep people from quitting IMO
# 2 Uncle Stumpy @ 02/10/10 12:05 PM
Yup, totally agree. I hate it when people quit, especially when a game is like 2-0 halfway through. Lame. I also wish that they'd find a way to let us back into a game if lose connection. I don't know how many games I've been dominating andn I lose conection for a split second. Then I get the loss. It's stupid.
# 3 YNWA1892 @ 02/15/10 03:52 PM
quitters should not be able to log back on for 24 hours.
# 4 coccis @ 02/16/10 03:47 AM
Sorry but I can't see how EA can fix this problem. These quitters don't care about nothing.

Even if there is some reward for play to match to the end I'm sure that quitters don't care about losing fantasy-points.

But if the only way to play another match after quitting is to reebot your machine that's one sulotion. Or maybe you won't get access to the menues before the match you played is over. I mean that if you quit with 40 FIFA-minutes left you can't play another match before the rest of the game have run out.

Fair and easy solution.
Sorry about my english spelling

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