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The Playstation.Blog has posted another MLB '10: The Show blog. This one features real time presentation mode.

"In a continued effort to blur the lines between a video game and a televised broadcast, MLB 10: The Show is proud to introduce the brand new presentation mode: Real Time. Available with replays or without, Real Time is a new presentation mode designed to further enhance the realism our baseball simulation offers you, the baseball fan.

Hoping to have you question whether you’re playing MLB 10: The Show or watching a live baseball game on TV, we’ve captured hundreds of new animations and have done extensive work with both our AI and our cameras. From the pitcher toeing the rubber until the next batter walks up to the dish, you’ll experience continuity with the seamless animations and positional intelligence of each player on and off the field. All new camera angles and cut-timing capture the player’s new movements and further enhance the presentation mode by mimicking the camera work seen on televised MLB broadcasts. Post-play has never looked this real."

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# 1 TN - BRAVES FAN @ 02/10/10 06:31 PM
# 2 Bellsprout @ 02/10/10 06:36 PM

With every new video, it's getting harder to keep playing 09.
# 3 PhillsPhan26 @ 02/10/10 06:36 PM
I like it.
# 4 Jgainsey @ 02/10/10 06:38 PM
# 5 Bellsprout @ 02/10/10 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by getinthevan87

# 6 bp4baseball @ 02/10/10 06:39 PM
Well done SCEA
# 7 tadoreo @ 02/10/10 06:40 PM
Good Find!
A TRAILOR!!!!!!!
# 8 green94 @ 02/10/10 06:41 PM
# 9 beau21 @ 02/10/10 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by bp4baseball
Well done SCEA
# 10 Bellsprout @ 02/10/10 06:41 PM
There's already a thread about this.
# 11 Blzer @ 02/10/10 06:42 PM
Oh my GOD!

This is what WIN is all about!
# 12 green94 @ 02/10/10 06:44 PM
Less than a month away.... please give us a demo tomorrow!!!!!
# 13 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/10/10 06:44 PM
WOW at this camera angle!

# 14 green94 @ 02/10/10 06:45 PM
Mauer is pretty worried about his helmet flying off....lol

Unbelievable per the usual... there is nothing left to say.
# 15 jeffmanqb3 @ 02/10/10 06:47 PM
Did anybody else see the hands shaking on the Target Field sign while Mauer was running the bases after the home run?
# 16 tadoreo @ 02/10/10 06:48 PM
Originally Posted by WeAreAllWitnesses
There's already a thread about this.
acturally this thread was the first as the other one is a minute late.
# 17 Shakedowncapo @ 02/10/10 06:48 PM
Get a good look at Mauer's new batting stance and HR trot!
# 18 LAHalos22 @ 02/10/10 06:49 PM
Looks sweet! Love how the score board says JOE after he hit a homer... Cant wait for the game!
# 19 bcruise @ 02/10/10 06:50 PM
Player-specific scoreboard animations... (JOE, in other words) - did any of us catch that at CPE, guys? I know I sure didn't see it.

Great blog, love seeing the RTP again.
# 20 bp4baseball @ 02/10/10 06:53 PM
I love how after the home run, it goes to a shot of the dugout and the crowd reacting.... just like a real broadcast

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