2010 FIFA World Cup News Post

EA just sent us these 2010 FIFA World Cup screenshots.

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2010 FIFA World Cup Videos
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# 1 CarryTheWeight @ 02/11/10 03:30 PM
Looking forward to it. I played the heck out of 2006 FIFA World Cup in the infancy of the 360 and loved it, but it hasn't aged well at all. Can't wait to go through the group stages and win the Cup with Macedonia, Faroe Islands and Vanuatu (not that those countries aren't World Cup worthy in some way).

I just hope EA doesn't arcade-tune the gameplay like they seem to do with the rest of their "specialty" soccer titles...a tweaked version of FIFA 10 or even an early look at FIFA 11's gameplay will be enough. UEFA Euro, Champions League and even 2006 FIFA World Cup were all a bit more "arcadey" than their yearly FIFA alter egos, so we'll see just how it all turns out.

On the other hand, the player faces are among the best I've seen. Rooney looks the best he's looked in any EA footy title this generation IMO.
# 2 Jgainsey @ 02/11/10 03:46 PM
The grass textures and lighting look great.
# 3 jyoung @ 02/11/10 04:02 PM

Glad I waited for this one instead of picking up FIFA.
# 4 marcoyk @ 02/12/10 03:10 PM
Those are looking really nice. But I'm not liking how Oguchi is looking.

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