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# 1 Hitman3315 @ 02/12/10 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by jetercanoturn2
OMG, I had trouble differentiating between the real thing!! That was ridiculous, and Tracy is hot as hell...
Same here! It was really tough to distinguish at times.

Trailer was awesome... didn't think I could be any more pumped. Its gonna be a long 18 days...
# 2 Rob_NYY @ 02/12/10 12:02 AM
# 3 Yanks22 @ 02/12/10 12:06 AM
now that was awesome, i want this game now.
# 4 ParisB @ 02/12/10 12:07 AM
cool trailer, but it flashed the clips too quickly, before i had time to absorb what it was showing...
# 5 Galvatron @ 02/12/10 12:17 AM
The trailer shown is up on GameTrailers.com now if anyone missed it. (not too good at linking videos in posts,sorry) Whoops...too late
# 6 JermaineDye05 @ 02/12/10 12:22 AM
Is that also the opening sequence for the game (or at least something similar)?

Love the excerpts from Hawk during the perfect game btw.
# 7 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/12/10 12:37 AM
Stupid iPhone and adobe. Can someone get that to YouTube?
# 8 douggoud @ 02/12/10 12:37 AM
oh......my....god.....lol, that was sick, that answers one of my questions, the thunder sticks are in anaheim and there were quite a few angels moments in there, i especially liked that last one with torii leaping 5 feet in the air after scoring, i remember that game, good times, lol, i can't wait for this game
# 9 EL_GABE @ 02/12/10 12:38 AM
Can sum1 put the youtube link..I'm my phone..=l
# 10 Behindshadows @ 02/12/10 12:41 AM
This game looks absolutely ridiculous...OMG!!! Blending real footage with game footage, I could barely tell the difference....incredible looking game. Lighting and colors were almost perfect.
# 11 Whitesox @ 02/12/10 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by JermaineDye05
Love the excerpts from Hawk during the perfect game btw.
# 12 Spaced Ace @ 02/12/10 12:47 AM
Wow! 107.2 kinds of awesome right there. Unbelievable...
# 13 NAFBUC @ 02/12/10 04:29 AM
I agree with ESPN.......The Show is
# 14 coolio83 @ 02/12/10 06:10 AM
# 15 Hitman3315 @ 02/12/10 06:59 AM
After watching it again now, I'm starting to agree with dmrich28. I think I could've used a little more game footage... It's still a great trailer but it almost doesn't do the game justice.

I know it's supposed to be a comparison of real vs. game, but even if it were like 15 more seconds of game footage and 15 less of real footage, I think it would be even better.

It's almost like you never get time to really appreciate how good the game looks by itself.
# 16 jrivera34 @ 02/12/10 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by DirtyJerz32
Stupid iPhone and adobe. Can someone get that to YouTube?
You can watch on the iPhone at gametrailers. You just need to click the SD version. Still looks great in SD. This goes for all gametrailers videos. I watch all the time on the train to work.

Great trailer. I am definitely calling in sick to work on march 2nd!
# 17 BigH2k6 @ 02/12/10 07:06 AM
Originally Posted by coolio83
Thanks Coolio but Viacom has already bocked it.
# 18 Peter_OS @ 02/12/10 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Yanks22
now that was awesome, i want this game now.
# 19 ChiCubs @ 02/12/10 07:57 AM
pardon me, but i have to go change my boxers.
# 20 PaulieMM @ 02/12/10 08:00 AM
You guys are very entitled to your opinions but I thought that trailer was terrible.

From a consumer standpoint I feel like I saw 40% game and 60% real life footage. I watched it twice to make sure I wasn't wrong about that. I like that they mixed in real footage and all but that was an overkill.

Furthermore, we watched mostly replays in the game footage. Don't get me wrong I'll still buy the game based on what I've played from "The Show" in the past, but only that.

Just my opinion, I hope I haven't offended anyone, I've read a lot of posts here and I know that a lot of people defend the people behind the game tooth and nail.

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