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Josh Looman has posted details on some major contract changes for Madden Ultimate Team.

"I wanted to let you guys know that we've made a major change to how contracts work in online games to hopefully combat problems with disconnects and quitters.

Our team was going to integrate this solely for the next version of Madden Ultimate Team since it took a lot of time and effort to change, but everyone decided it was something that needed to be implemented now."

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# 1 JayhawkerStL @ 02/18/10 11:55 AM
That's great news. In particular, it allows you to quit out of a game if you are playing a OS kicking, 4th attempting tool. Of course, it allows folks to quit if they are losing, but if they do, they get no points.

I still think Ultimate needs a reputation rating that allows folks to pick their opponents, as well as the ability to play friends. If you play friends, they could either eliminate points for those games, or eliminate the online bonus that you get from random games.

But this is a nice start. I'm still not sure I am going to come back. For as much as I love 90% of what they have done, the downsides have been enough to discourage me from playing any Ultimate games for weeks now.
# 2 Step2001 @ 02/20/10 12:33 AM
Josh Looman - Any chance on fixing the contracts that human comtrolled teams have to deal with in Madden 10?
A street free agent asking for $600,000! We click in to negotiate and he's now asking for a million plus and there is no negoatiation.

Any chance of a fix here?
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ 02/20/10 11:20 AM
Thanks alot steve and to Josh. Keep up the work madden crew. Ya'll are doing a great job.
# 4 ibis @ 08/19/10 08:22 PM
What sucks about the current system is that i waste 40 minutes playing a game only to be quit on in the last minute and I get nothing. A complete waste of time. My record is 1-6. It should be more like 4-6 and I have a lot more coins. I'm done with MUT until they fix the quitting issue. Why not take away coins from users who quit.

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