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Overall, Defense, Pitching, Batting

Yankees--------1st, 6th, 1st, 1st
Red Sox--------2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd
Phillies---------3rd, 5th, 7th, 3rd
Dodgers-------4th, 4th, 2nd, 10th
Rays----------5th, 8th, 12th, 5th
Braves--------6th, 22nd, 4th, 9th
Angels-------7th, 16th, 10th, 7th
Rockies------8th, 24th, 16th, 6th
Cubs----------9th, 26th, 9th, 8th
Rangers-----10th, 11th, 23rd, 4th
D’Backs-----11th, 27th, 5th, 13th
Twins------12th, 23rd, 11th, 11th
W.Sox--------13th, 7th, 6th, 18th
Giants-----14th, 21st, 13th, 16th
B.Jays-----15th, 10th, 25th, 12th
Cardinals--16th, 13th, 15th, 20th
Mets--------17th, 2nd, 22nd, 15th
Brewers----18th, 28th, 17th, 19th
Reds-------19th, 19th, 21st, 17th
Orioles----20th, 12th, 29th, 14th
Mariners----21st, 3rd, 19th, 22nd
Astros------22nd, 9th, 24th, 24th
Athletics---23rd, 17th, 8th, 30th
Tigers-----24th, 14th, 14th, 29th
Padres-----25th, 30th, 18th, 26th
Marlins----26th, 29th, 30th, 21st
Royals-----27th, 15th, 20th, 27th
Nationals--28th, 18th, 26th, 23rd
Pirates----29th, 20th, 27th, 25th
Indians----30th, 25th, 28th, 28th

These are some of my favorite threads every year because we all get to debate on why so and so is rated this and that. It's all arbitrary and opinions when you think about it though (which is why I enjoy these threads so much), but for the sake of understanding I'm game lets dig a little deeper.

The Cardinals batting being ranked 20th in the game, but before I talk about their rating let me shed some light on how the game determines this.

1. It's an avg. of your starters and your bench and that's for your starting pitching and lineup. Kolbe gave me a number around 60% to 40% with your starters making up 60% of that rating.

2. Player ratings are not done by human hands its all done by a program that looks at the players past three years with the most recent year weighing in the highest.

Now that we have that out the way back to the Cardinals and this 20th batting ranking which made me scratch my head a little when I first saw it. As most of you and I'm guilty of this myself I think Pujols and Holliday that has to at least make them better than 20th. Not so fast

The Mets are ranked 15th a good 5 spots ahead of them I've uploaded some images to help make this easier.

Image #1

Image #2

If you notice the Cardinals bench is relatively weak compared to the Mets. This is a very important factor in the Cardinals current 20th batting rating. For the sake of science I swaped F.Tatis for S.Robinson on these two teams and their batting rankings changed. This one player swap propelled the Cardinals to 13th overall in batting and dropped the Mets to 21st in batting. What you have to remember is your starting lineup is only half of the story (about 60% give or take) you have to take into consideration your bench and your bullpen for pitching. Hope this helps.


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Member Comments
# 1 deucepoppi17 @ 02/18/10 01:58 PM
Nice...Marlins got screwed! LoL!
# 2 CommunityCollege @ 02/18/10 01:59 PM
woot Yankees 1st
# 3 mph2k @ 02/18/10 02:01 PM
Cool, The Mets are second in defense.

# 4 Perfect Zero @ 02/18/10 02:01 PM
Hmm... Seems like the ratings were based off of last year. I can't see the Angles being so high and the Mariners being so low in the AL West. I also don't see how Texas' batting is 4th when it should be lower.

The good thing about The Show though is that any team can win on any given day.
# 5 Rob_NYY @ 02/18/10 02:02 PM
The world champs are right where they belong, #1!!
# 6 xNobleEaglex @ 02/18/10 02:02 PM
Haha I've always been disappointed in the Braves rankings feeling they were underrated. Nice to feel a bit overrated for once. Definitely hope the ranking is right on point for the real season!
# 7 Scrapps @ 02/18/10 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by CommunityCollege
woot Yankees 1st
i'm sure this comes as a surprise to many......
# 8 TeixeiraFanatic @ 02/18/10 02:04 PM
i like how the Blue Jays are better than the Cards?
# 9 stiflr @ 02/18/10 02:05 PM
I was hoping that the M's, being considered the most improved team in baseball, would of ended up more in the middle of the pack. Oh well, only the season will tell.
# 10 TN - BRAVES FAN @ 02/18/10 02:05 PM
Braves 6th overall....YES!!!!
# 11 PVarck31 @ 02/18/10 02:06 PM
Indians are the worst team in the game? You gotta be kidding me.
# 12 Braves Fan @ 02/18/10 02:07 PM
wow we are overrated.
# 13 Doormat @ 02/18/10 02:09 PM
Would you look at that, I always thought the Pirates or Baltimore would be 30'th. Looks like I was wrong. Also haven't seen Yanks #1 since probably MLB 06
# 14 BravesBoy @ 02/18/10 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Braves Fan
wow we are overrated.
Show me how you figure that?
# 15 CommunityCollege @ 02/18/10 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by Braves Fan
wow we are overrated.
Melky Cabrera does wonders for a team...you'll see
# 16 TN - BRAVES FAN @ 02/18/10 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Braves Fan
wow we are overrated.
# 17 JermaineDye05 @ 02/18/10 02:12 PM
How are the White Sox 6th in pitching? It seems to me that they should at the very least be in the top 4. I mean the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks ahead of them?
# 18 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/18/10 02:12 PM
Thanks Ramone.
# 19 JermaineDye05 @ 02/18/10 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by metsman8669
So great that we have something concrete to debate on! There are some minor surprises so I won't get into those, but here are a few that are real head-scratchers to me:

Blue Jays-15th
White Sox-13th

Doesn't mean these teams can't be good or competitive...or worse...but some of these rankings are very strange.
I think the White Sox pitching got short changed a bit.
# 20 BravesBoy @ 02/18/10 02:14 PM
I'm kinda surprised that the Mariners are 21st, i got them as a pretty good team this year. Was figurin in the low teens???

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