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The Show Community has posted the top 5 third baseman in MLB '10: The Show.

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# 1 Doormat @ 02/22/10 10:44 PM
# 2 Russell_SCEA @ 02/22/10 10:44 PM
Wow that was fast I like just hit post three seconds ago lol
# 3 bluengold34_OS @ 02/22/10 10:45 PM
Nice to see ARAM up there.....makes me happy!!
# 4 keymax @ 02/22/10 10:48 PM
The order is alright.

But have you checked Arods batting stats? He is better than Pujols, yikes.
# 5 Mr. Franchise @ 02/22/10 10:50 PM
A-Rod is over-rated. He's gonna win MVP every year in franchise mode.
# 6 BravesBoy @ 02/22/10 10:52 PM
Dang!! Was wantin to see my dude chipper, oh well lol..Thanks for the list Russell...
# 7 Reaman @ 02/22/10 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by vols bravesfan
# 8 edwing @ 02/22/10 11:00 PM
Lol at Mark Reynolds' Plate Vision rating.
# 9 monk31 @ 02/22/10 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise
A-Rod is over-rated. He's gonna win MVP every year in franchise mode.
Not your typical A-rod is overrated there, by a guy with a Jeter avatar! That said, I believe I agree, I think his contact is a little too high for me. But, I think it's good enough. Of course maybe that's really the 100% computer driven ratings output they claim to use.
# 10 Tommyklaid @ 02/22/10 11:08 PM
Looks like they may have "tweaked" A-Rod & Wright's batting stances...can't really tell, but they look a lil' different than in '09.
# 11 berenjena @ 02/22/10 11:08 PM
# 12 keymax @ 02/22/10 11:08 PM
I agree with Arod being overrated. His power numbers have been decreasing the past 2 years. His slg went down 100 points and his OPS even 130 compared to his (monster) 2007. Although I don't think it's important his avg also went down.So his contact numbers appear too high to me.

Fielding wise he has been a negative defender the past 2 years.
He is still a great hitter but his injuries have slowed him down considerably and I don't think he is the clear cut best 3B in baseball. But I won't argue that.
# 13 JayD @ 02/22/10 11:09 PM
Damn! Chipper is 37, I remember watching him as a rookie. Where does the time go....
# 14 riDIRKulous41 @ 02/22/10 11:10 PM
Anyone ever heard of Michael Young....I'm sorry but over the past 3 years, Rolen is nothing close to Young
# 15 ARMORALLL @ 02/22/10 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by BKBond007
Im glad to see Rolen make it in at 9. I think he was a huge reason Overbay's stats look as good as they do..Rolen misses like 2 throws a year..his range is narrowing but still good.

Rolen should help Votto look a lot better this year

Everyone else looks good.
I'm going to miss seing him at the hot corner this year!
# 16 dufflebagboi @ 02/22/10 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by bluengold34
Nice to see ARAM up there.....makes me happy!!
Same here, he really is an elite player if you think about it,

he is Mr. Clutch
# 17 WaywardDog @ 02/22/10 11:22 PM
you guys do know that arod missed almost 30 games last year right
# 18 keymax @ 02/22/10 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by Derek2Jeter
His power is fine. He was coming off major hip surgery and missed more than a month because of it. The hips are a very important part of your body when hitting. His average against righties and lefties being 90+ is kind of weird.

He is still a .300 hitter. However he has been known to struggle against lefties, and they put it at 94? I would have expected r cont to be like 90 and left to be like 78
I don't say he turned into Juan Pierre powerwise. But he has the ratings of 2007 Arod. And I don't expect him to repeat that year anytime again. He is still a HR-threat but no way his power ratings should be higher than Pujols'.
# 19 Shaffer26 @ 02/22/10 11:33 PM
Nice to see some Aramis love.
# 20 El_MaYiMbE @ 02/22/10 11:34 PM
Claiming his numbers went down when looking at 2009 is stating the obvious.

He missed a whole month of the season, and had to be rested periodically to protect his surgically repaired hip....

Still hit 30 HR and 100 RBI.

What ARod displayed in the playoffs to the nation he had been doing all last year with the Yankees since he cameback.

I am a Yankee fan and never been an ARod lover, but you gotta give the dude his props. Steroids behind him now and he is still putting up numbers that very few can. All while being 80% productive.

With that said I believe he is now the 2nd best 3rd basemen in the league behind Longoria. I believe ARod is a better overall player because of his track record and just the threat he produces but defensively and age go to Longoria. Experience and just flat out raw talent go to ARod.

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