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The Show Community has posted the top 5 shortstops in MLB '10: The Show.

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# 1 jvalverde88 @ 02/23/10 12:34 PM
Yes, a Met rated #1, he's rated a little high in the game but who cares he's #1.
# 2 BravesBoy @ 02/23/10 12:38 PM
thanks for the post
# 3 econoodle @ 02/23/10 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by jvalverde88
Yes, a Met rated #1, he's rated a little high in the game but who cares he's #1.

whatever the order, they got the top 3 right for sure
# 4 jvalverde88 @ 02/23/10 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by NFCBeast55
how is Jose Reyes higher than Hanley Ramirez?
Its not like there's huge gap between the two ratings wise.
# 5 keymax @ 02/23/10 12:50 PM
I like it. First I was shocked but when you look at the ratings it shows you:

Hanley Ramirez is the best hitting SS, by far.
Jimmy Rollins isn't a great hitter.

The only blemish imo is Orlando Cabrera mentioned in the Top 9. He looked like a shell of his former self out there with the glove. And his bat wasn't anything special. Ever.

The SS overall ratings seem to prioritize speed and defense. This appearsb to be by far the best list so far.
# 6 jvalverde88 @ 02/23/10 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by NFCBeast55
Reyes hardly played last year
Look at the ratings, only reason he is slightly higher than Hanley is because of his fielding ratings and speed. There is not much of a difference between the top 3.
# 7 etched Chaos @ 02/23/10 12:57 PM
Reyes shouldn't be #1 and his durability is far too high, plays 40 games in 09, and he has a 90 for durability.
# 8 etched Chaos @ 02/23/10 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by metsman8669
After playing 155+ for four straight years...

90 is probably too high, but the guy isn't injury-prone except for his first taste of the bigs back in '03 and '04.
Missing 122 games in your previous season should always knock your durability a fair bit.
# 9 GEORGE LUZ @ 02/23/10 01:04 PM
Hanley Ramirez is by far the best overall player in major league baseball. This game takes defense into account WAY too much. If you were starting a franchise would you rather have Hanley who is a career .316-27-82 hitter or Reyes who is a career .286-13-67.
Yes, I know a computer program does the ratings but wouldn't you think there should be at least some human intervention, so this doesn't happen. Hanley is top 3 players in the game with Mauer and Pujols, how isn't he higher than Reyes
# 10 JermaineDye05 @ 02/23/10 01:06 PM
I like the fact that Alexei Ramirez is getting love, but no way is Jose Reyes better than Hanley Ramirez (I could see them being equal). If that's the case, Jeter should NEVER be considered equal with either of those two players (The pic looks like that's what he is, I could be mistaken).

With all the Yankee fans clamoring about Ian Kinsler being overrated, what say you in regards to Jeter? I admit he's a great player and has been for his career and should be considered in the top 10. Do you see him at the same level as Hanley Ramirez?
# 11 Speedy @ 02/23/10 01:09 PM
Russell. Seriously?

All of the pic's of Yunel and he's not even top 5? Good defense + electric arm (better than Furcal), and his 3-year average is .301 BA /.426 Slugg /.801 OPS


# 12 keymax @ 02/23/10 01:13 PM
Jeter is alright. Good contact, average power. I think his fielding is a bit high, but what do you gonna do?. Jeter had a great year 2009. He deserves it. His plate discipline is even a bit underrated. He had a .406 OBP, thats great for a non-power hitter.
# 13 Doormat @ 02/23/10 02:24 PM
Jeter top 5, I expected that !
# 14 GoBucs09 @ 02/23/10 02:55 PM
<<<<<<<< Waiting for Centerfielders.

Good list with a few slight tweaks needed but good none the less.
# 15 MrChainsaw @ 02/23/10 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by NFCBeast55
how is anyone higher than Hanley Ramirez?
# 16 Bellsprout @ 02/23/10 03:13 PM
It rips the heart right out of my chest that we've done 3 of these now and I still have yet to see a Brewer.

Can we do Left Field next so I don't feel like jumping off a building anymore?
# 17 tessl @ 02/23/10 03:29 PM
I'm a little confused about how the ratings work now. According to SCEA it is based on the past three years with the most recent year getting most of the weight in the ratings. That explains Zobrist being rated so high at second base after only one good year in the majors.

But if that's the standard, how does Reyes get a 90 durability and 98 speed after playing in only 36 games last year due to injuries?

I don't get it.
# 18 tessl @ 02/23/10 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by WeAreAllWitnesses
It rips the heart right out of my chest that we've done 3 of these now and I still have yet to see a Brewer.

Can we do Left Field next so I don't feel like jumping off a building anymore?
It could be worse. I will probably use the Pirates again and the only guy they will probably have in the top ten is their injury prone catcher.
# 19 Mets2004 @ 02/23/10 03:53 PM
not a bad list, jeter's fielding and power are way too high, reyes discipline and durability is too high, hanleys fielding is low, jeters discipline and vision should be higher than reyes
# 20 ty5oke @ 02/23/10 04:05 PM
Something I don't understand:

Jeter LT Power = 47
Hanley LT Power = 66

Last 3 years HR's against Lefties:
Hanley: 09: 1 HR 08: 3 HR 07: 8 HR
Jeter: 09: 6 HR 08: 4 HR 07: 2 HR

Where does this 19 point difference in Power vs lefties come from?

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