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# 1 Smitty730 @ 02/26/10 10:51 AM
Ugh ... Antonio Bastardo is NOT the 5th starter, 2K. It's either Jamie Moyer or Kyle Kendrick.
OK, I'm being picky. They'll fix it in a roster update.
All in all, more good stuff
# 2 jinc1019 @ 02/26/10 10:55 AM
I enjoyed this video...it did an excellent job of really taking you into the full features of the game. I have a ps3, which means there isn't an MLB2K10 demo out yet, so seeing this video really gave me insight into what the game is like. Thanks for the video!
# 3 aga11ah @ 02/26/10 11:01 AM
the replays are great. especially the pitch by pitch one shown in the video. love that.

Ryan Howard's bomb looked great too.
# 4 The Living Legend @ 02/26/10 11:06 AM
Very good stuff, even from the demo i felt like i hit a homerun it didn't feel artificial, i feel like they got the perfect blend like they said in the video of realistic and fun factor.
# 5 crumpled_heap @ 02/26/10 11:06 AM
At 2:10, the developer threw a changeup up and in and the batter swung and missed WTF? In real life changeups are supposed to be thrown low.
# 6 Jamin23 @ 02/26/10 11:09 AM
Two little things I noticed. I loved the liberty bell ringing and the message on the scoreboard.
# 7 The Living Legend @ 02/26/10 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Jamin23
Two little things I noticed. I loved the liberty bell ringing and the message on the scoreboard.
I agree loved that as well one of the things i noticed in the demo at yankee stadium really immerses you in, i wonder if there are any more things like that at the stadium.

Still debating on the Batting view though, its nice but not sure yet.
# 8 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/26/10 11:20 AM
Man the Signature Styles are 2nd to none. Ryan Howard's HR Animation was

I really wish they would slow down the animations
# 9 Smitty730 @ 02/26/10 11:33 AM
The Liberty Bell ring is nothing new. They included the siren, which goes off when a Phillie goes yard.
# 10 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/26/10 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by Smitty730
The Liberty Bell ring is nothing new. They included the siren, which goes off when a Phillie goes yard.
Where talking about the game, not in real-life
# 11 itbeme23 @ 02/26/10 11:48 AM
I'm pretty excited about what I've seen so far. As somebody mentioned earlier in the thread, there was a changeup that was thrown high in the zone, when normally they're supposed to be thrown low. This made me think about the catcher suggestion option. With the emphasis on the Inside Edge/ratings, I wonder if catchers make their calls based on the scouting reports and ratings of each hitter.....Just a thought.

Overall, I'm pretty excited though. I'm having a blast playing Yanks/Phillies for the 20th time. LOL.

# 12 thornie @ 02/26/10 12:03 PM
Wow that was awesome.

- Signature HR Celebration for Ryan Howard = Awesome
- CPU took a ton of pitches!
- Victorino hit a double the other way that reached the wall

The developers stressed the importance of the ratings and timing. I can't be more excited for this game.
# 13 AustinOrgans @ 02/26/10 12:24 PM
I'm really not liking how all pitches that miss the zone by a hair are called balls.
# 14 laker8la @ 02/26/10 12:39 PM
I cannot see the video from work.....can anybody youtube it for me or something? Thanks in advance!
# 15 DaveDQ @ 02/26/10 12:41 PM
It was nice to see things without the batter's helper in there. Great Video. We got a taste of the commentary at the end there with Thorne closing out the strikeout, Phillips introducing then K-Cam and the Kruk doing the color.

Very nice.
# 16 Juiceman @ 02/26/10 12:56 PM
I don't see the video either.
# 17 Jistic @ 02/26/10 12:58 PM
# 18 -Excellence- @ 02/26/10 01:09 PM
- CPU does seem a bit better at taking pitches outside of the strikezone, however it still seems like their swinging away at everything in the strikezone. In that whole video I counted twice where the CPU actually took a strike.....

- Fielding animations are still too fast to my liking.

- Pitching does seem really fun, something I would definitely enjoy if they developers manages to fix the swing tendencies of the AI.

They can improve presentation or incorporate new things such as my player, but unless they fix the actual gameplay it'll always be one step forward two steps back.
# 19 Checmate101 @ 02/26/10 01:13 PM
Man, I don't see nothing.
# 20 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/26/10 01:15 PM
I don't see anything either. What gives?

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