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Jon Robinson, over at ESPN Videogames, sat down with Producers Ben Haumiller and Russ Kiniry, as they break down nine changes being made to NCAA Football 11. They have also posted the very first screenshot from the game.

"Numbers on helmets might seem inconsequential to some gamers, but if you're an Alabama fan, the fact that the video game recreation of your school doesn't accurately represent the uniform details you cheer so hard for on a weekly basis has been driving you message board mad & as in, leaving threats of "I'll never play the game again," on any sports gaming board you could find in hopes someone at EA will finally hear your cries.

Cry no more.

"Alabama fans, we hear you," says "NCAA Football 11" producer Ben Haumiller. "This game's for you."

That's right, not only will "NCAA Football 11" finally feature Alabama's famed look that includes numbers on helmets, but now when gamers create their own schools using the wildly popular "Team Builder" (over 500,000 teams were created last year), they can put numbers on the sides of their helmets then watch as they actually appear in-game.

But that's not all the "NCAA Football 11" creative crew has in store for this year's game."

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# 1 tyler289 @ 02/26/10 02:33 PM
The new helmets we saw this year (Revolution?) look to be in there. Formation subs are FINALLY in. Nice.
# 2 jeremym480 @ 02/26/10 02:35 PM
Sweet, we get number's on the sides of our helmets. Refs and gang tackles added, as well. All positives. But, the biggest plus for me is we FINALLY get formation subs on special teams. Nice Job EA
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 02/26/10 02:37 PM
Um, wow!
# 4 CM Hooe @ 02/26/10 02:38 PM
Formation subs = yay!
# 5 RGiles36 @ 02/26/10 02:39 PM
Good stuff, though I selfishly would've liked to have seen mouthpieces added for equipment too. Still, I love new info on football games, despite me never owning a NCAA Football game .
# 6 jeremym480 @ 02/26/10 02:39 PM
Here's the screen shot. Clemson vs. South Carolina. Noticed the ref and depth of field looks nice.

# 7 drlw322 @ 02/26/10 02:42 PM
I think we finally see new cleats.
# 8 tyler289 @ 02/26/10 02:43 PM
Also, team-colored cleats? I don't think that's been in.
# 9 DiddyGotGrillz @ 02/26/10 02:52 PM
# 10 drowsike @ 02/26/10 02:54 PM
Yes..good start..
# 11 doctorhay53 @ 02/26/10 02:58 PM
Formation subs and refs on the field....those are two gigantic points of contention around here that they cleared up with the first news.

Let's hope this is a trend that continues. I'm still in wait and see mode, but it's great that they're finally working on some of these things.

I'm looking for something new and exciting in dynasty mode....if I get it, this will be the best NCAA in a long, long time.
# 12 UnderRatedCoast @ 02/26/10 03:00 PM
Those are some nice extras, but have they fixed the physics engine yet?
# 13 DiddyGotGrillz @ 02/26/10 03:00 PM
I just hope we continue to have the "NCAA Feel" to the game and it doesn't turn into Madden where everything feels so scripted. While the addition of gang tackles is nice, I hope they're executed better than they are in Madden.
# 14 Psyblast @ 02/26/10 03:01 PM
Great, great stuff.
# 15 mgoblue678 @ 02/26/10 03:01 PM
Gang tackles and formation subs are the only things I could even care about on that list.

Absolutely no mention of anything else game play related such as improving the blocking, ai, o-line vs. d-line interaction, or locomotion to fix the complete lack of momentum in the game.

Looks like my money may be going else where this year. I really don't think they deserve too credit for formation subs at this point considering it took them this long into this gen to finally include them.
# 16 drlw322 @ 02/26/10 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by mgoblue678
Gang tackles and formation subs are the only things I could even care about on that list.

Absolutely no mention of anything else game play related such as improving the blocking, ai or o-line vs. d-line interaction.

Looks like my money will be going else where this year. This dev team just doesn't get it.
be patient my man it's not march yet. Play the wait and see game
# 17 GrnEyedBanditTN @ 02/26/10 03:04 PM
Off to a good start so far!
# 18 IceNHL @ 02/26/10 03:08 PM
that also looks like a Clemson colored SEC logo on the field showing off the new field logo thing.
# 19 jb12780 @ 02/26/10 03:09 PM
Good news.
# 20 Lava @ 02/26/10 03:12 PM
A great way to tip off the stream of NCAA news, imo. Much better than last year's wind socks announcement at least.

The thing that makes me really happy is that all of those things that are being added are things I've read people asking for here or thought would be handy at some point myself (roster re-loading automatically).

These are things I somewhat expected to be in, and it's nice to see them confirmed. Let's hope this trend continues.

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