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The Show Community has posted RTTS enhancement details for MLB '10: The Show.

"Now that you’re in the mode, you should take note of some new options this year that will certainly change how you experience games. The new Game Watch and Game Completion options will certainly change how you play RTTS games, as they’ll now give you the ability to determine how much of the game you want to view. Set your Game Watch option to All Pitches if you want to see every pitch of the entire game; All Fielding if you only want to see your at-bats and be a part of every fielding play; Result Play if you want to expedite your games to see only the final pitch of an at-bat while on either offense or defense; or Classic if you prefer the old style and only want to see plays involving your player.

Game Completion is similar to Game Watch; however it only takes affect after you’ve been removed from a game. So if you’re a starting pitcher, this option will let you see what your bullpen does with the runners they inherited from you. This option has similar settings as Game Watch, so you can set it to All Pitches, Result Play, or Off. When any of these options are set, and you’re on the bench waiting for your next opportunity, you’ll also notice a new custom view from the dugout.

We’re very excited about these new options as they really add to that feeling of suspense as to whether the ball will be hit your way or not. Now, more than before, you’ll need to be on your toes in the field."

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Member Comments
# 1 bcruise @ 02/26/10 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by michaeldu
Is the pre-game batting practice just for RTTS? or can you use it for any team?
Just RTTS. Warmup for pitchers is all game modes I believe (when a pitcher enters from the pen).

Batting practice is still selectable from the main menu though, where you can use any player and team.
# 2 econoodle @ 02/26/10 04:56 PM
Batting practice in franny would have been sweet
# 3 JurrjensFTW @ 02/26/10 05:59 PM
The Show community has the top pitchers posted. Just a heads-up.
# 4 Doormat @ 02/26/10 06:09 PM
The first thing I'll do when I get MLB 10 is this, most of the trophies are based on RTTS
# 5 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/27/10 12:42 AM
My favorite mode just got even better. Classic BR has returned, so now I wont skip those like last year.

Excellent Job.

Only thing I would add to the new "career stat-tracker" is OBP (or BA against) and WHIP.
# 6 BSanders @ 02/27/10 06:01 AM
They have added everything I wanted in RTTS and listened to the community. Great work...
# 7 Eman5805 @ 02/27/10 06:22 AM
Sounds great. I just hope they improved on how the game manages players. Nothing I hate more than getting called up just before the all-star game orgetting called up to be a no upward mobility having bench warmer.
# 8 Buckeyes_Doc @ 02/27/10 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by Eman5805
Sounds great. I just hope they improved on how the game manages players. Nothing I hate more than getting called up just before the all-star game orgetting called up to be a no upward mobility having bench warmer.
Yeah I hope the logic of RTTS is fixed that is my biggest concern.

All these additions are great though, especially the stat tracker. That is awesome to be able to see how well I did against X pitcher throughout my career.
# 9 MrDhWhat @ 02/28/10 08:18 PM
I'm liking the new stuff.
# 10 kilmar1 @ 02/28/10 10:16 PM
Just played about 11 games in RTTS. Plays very similar to 09. Here are some differences I've seen (CF for Trenton Thunders):
  • I still can't make an asian looking player. The default faces and sliders are identical to 09.
  • After you make your player and allocate all your points, you get 300 more points to allocate after the draft/choose team.
  • Batting practice is pretty cool, but gets boring after 5-6 games. I started skipping them.
  • Man on 2nd, 0 outs. I have a goal to drive in the run. I ground to 1st and move the runner to 3rd. 10 pts for postive results. Finally!
  • Still has the "bug" where if you have a goal to steal 2nd and the pitcher throws the ball away on a pickoff and allow you to advance to 2nd, you'll get -10 pts for not stealing 2nd.
  • The beach ball is back!
  • I hit 2 doubles with default sliders. Woohoo!
  • Many more "Don't get picked off at 1st" goals.
  • Love the new check swing animations where you check and then fall towards the plate.
  • You can overrun bases if you don't slide.
  • How well you slide is actually controlled by base running ability. My head first slide with 30 base running is horrific to say the least. Imagine Chien Ming Wang sliding head first. Yeah, that bad.
  • Fielding fly balls actually requires good fielding.
  • Reaction time actually does something! It now takes a second or so for it to show you where the ball will land. I assume it will be shorter with better reaction time.
  • My team was down 2-1 in the 7th with man on 2nd and I actually DIDN'T get a goal to drive in the run. This NEVER happens in 09, where it's an automatic goal to drive in the run. Not sure if this is bad or good yet. Maybe good cause there's less pressure to produce.
  • I inevitably subbed the catcher (I'm a CF/OF) just like 09 due to stupid CPU managing, but I did try out the new catcher calling the game for an inning. It's actually really cool.
I haven't played enough to finish my first set of goals (6 series), so not sure how advancement will be handled this time around.

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