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The MotoGP 09/10 demo is available now, post your impressions here.

"Get the new MotoGP 09/10 demo now and test ride the 125cc, 250cc and GP class bikes AND experience the challenge of three different game modes, including; ‘Championship’, ‘Time trial’ and ‘Arcade’. Racing on the world famous Mugello circuit this impressive demo gives you a chance to sample the best MotoGP game to date and the best racing action on two wheels."

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# 1 TreyIM2 @ 03/04/10 07:52 PM
# 2 Steve_OS @ 03/04/10 10:11 PM
Is it that bad?
# 3 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/08/10 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Is it that bad?
First off grab a sandwich because it's a 1.5G file. Secondly, throw everything you know about prior GP games out of the window because the handling and feel has changed.

To tuck your rider in , you have to press a button to do so which just feels weird to me. As far as I can tell there is no rider or bike damage unless I missed it (SBK has both and tire wear).

I really didn't give it much of a go but something just does not feel right about this game to me. I feel like I can't let off the throttle and coast through a turn. it's hard to explain but once you let off the throttle the bike just stops it doesn't coast.

I will give it a serious go tonight and see if it's me or the game.
# 4 Earl1963 @ 03/08/10 06:26 PM
This game is hard to control. Not buying
# 5 Kruza @ 03/09/10 11:48 AM
I played the MotoGP 09/10 demo and think it's okay. I've raced on the 125cc and 250cc bikes but haven't tried the MotoGP bikes yet. The steering feels too "nervous," or twitchy to me, which makes it difficult to take a smooth line while negotiating medium- to high-speed bends with an underpowered bike. Also, I'm not feeling that tuck in button since I'm a manual transmission guy, and having to press (and sometimes hold down) a third button negotiating any straight sections on a track while already being occupied with pressing two separate buttons to switch gears becomes a burden. I don't like that the CPU-controlled bikes don't respect your space and will collide with your bike without hesitation if you keep your line but happen to go slower at a certain part of the track. But on a positive note, the music is hypnotic and fits this game well, and the graphics look very nice.

# 6 inkcil @ 03/10/10 10:50 PM
# 7 Kruza @ 03/12/10 01:18 PM
I post a few more observations on the demo:

After giong through a 20-lap time trial session I find that the MotoGP superbikes are easier to handle and maintain a smooth line on the medium- and high-speed bends than the 125cc and 250cc sportbikes, as expected.

Similar to how it was in MotoGP 08, it is far more difficult to powerslide than how it was in the earlier MotoGP games. I personally think this is a good thing. It is also much tougher to crash the bike on a lowside unless the rider becomes extremely careless with the front brake.

Another thing to note is that I remember seeing two different tilted helmet camera views in past MotoGP games, but I find just one of those particular views on this demo. At any rate, the maximum tilt view is the one not present on the demo. Maybe both views will end up being on the full retail version of the game. I don't know.

This is not a big gripe, but while riding in helmet camera view on the demo, the speed and gear digital readouts on the dash look really small -- especially on the Ducati. I find that I have to tuck in often just to read the numbers well. But this can be a strangely good thing for me because I need to get into the habit of tucking in often anyway.

# 8 Flawless @ 03/15/10 02:05 AM
Eurogamer Review - 7

As a package MotoGP 09/10 is a game that splits me straight down the middle. As a biker I'm disappointed that a racing game built around MotoGP doesn't do more to replicate how a motorbike feels, but as a gamer I can appreciate what it offers in terms of an enjoyable gameplay experience. If you give it a chance, and wait for the fast style to sink in, then you'll be blasting around Donnington and Assen at breakneck speeds, braking far later than you'd ever do in reality.

The jump up from 250cc to 800cc also makes a massive difference as you'll have far less time to think about what you're doing - and rightly so. Plus with Capcom promising free DLC that'll include the 2010 season livery data, the new 600cc Moto2 class and both the new Silverstone Arena and Balatonring, the scope for getting your knee down with new riders, tracks and bikes is very appealing.

So, if you're looking for the ultimate simulation experience then hold out to see whether Milestone does any better with SBK X. But if accurate racing physics isn't your thing - and you want an accessible racer that isn't one hundred per cent arcade - then 09/10 offers a solid and compelling MotoGP experience. Just be sure to turn the commentary off.
# 9 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/15/10 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by Flawless
Thanks Flawless. I will be importing SBK X.
# 10 Jordanfan23 @ 03/15/10 01:06 PM
As a rider, huge Moto GP enthusiast and fan of the game until a few years ago, I have to say this series has steadily declined year after year since 06. I couldn't put it down back then. I bought last years and couldn't pick it up!

First off the sound is horrible. If you have ever ridden a sport bike, or been to a Moto GP race, you realize how bad and off the sound really is. Its way too low pitched and weak sounding.

The handling? Well the Moto GP bikes feel way too sluggish, heavy, and unresponsive in the demo. I came out of a turn full throttle and the bike never got loose in the back one time. Having to use a button to tuck is a nuisance.

I don't know, I may buy since it is $50 and I like the play the season as it unfolds idea, but I still think it has a long way to go to get back as good as it used to be.
# 11 inkcil @ 03/29/10 12:31 PM
It's unfortunate that the extreme mode remains scrapped as well.

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