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Have any questions for the Producers of Tecmo Bowl Throwback? If so, submit them here. We'll try to get the answers ASAP.

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 03/04/10 03:41 PM
Since you can customize teams and players, can those teams be shared over XBL and PSN?
# 2 jyoung @ 03/04/10 03:45 PM
Will individual player ratings be editable? If so, how will this affect online play? Will people just be able to max out their created team and have a huge advantage when playing online?

Is anything being done to address the infamous "nose tackle dive" on defense? It's been a guaranteed sack in almost every version of Tecmo Bowl.

# 3 TheWatcher @ 03/04/10 04:08 PM
1. How much will it cost?

2. Is the uniform customization like the DS version? Or will we only be able to edit team names?

3. What is the actual release date?
# 4 CreatineKasey @ 03/04/10 04:11 PM
Will there be some sort of matchmaking available?

Is the gameplay changed in any way from the original SNES game this is based on? It appears that the plays are identical, but as wEEman mentioned the nosetackle dive would be very common online. I did see the "dive" play option in the playcall screen. I believe that was available in TSB2 and 3 originally.

Are rosters of the same depth? Do we get to choose from original faces?

Is there any gameplay variance between the 3d and 2d versions?

Can we save rosters? If so, how many? Are rosters share-able?

Will there be leaderboards?

Is there a built in season mode function that allows for more than 1 human team to participate in some way online? Basically, is there some kind of online league function?

Does this game include the original 1993 rosters?

What's the music situation? Same stuff? I hope so!

I'm sure I'll think of more. I can't wait!
# 5 boilerfan1509 @ 03/04/10 05:18 PM
Can you still do the 120 yd TD pass?

I remember i use Jim Harbaugh (Bears) and run him all the way to back of endzone (was just an invisable wall, wouldnt let you run out). Then when i getting ready to get sacked....throw to Tom Waddle....he was at the bcak of the other endzone and dives to catch it!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

I also double the TSB3 Franchise.....it was awesome to create a player...he was really crappy but you could build him up after each game, depending on how he performed. SWEET!!
# 6 CreatineKasey @ 03/04/10 05:21 PM
Will the same rating system be used? The same increments (usually 6 points but sometimes 7)? I hope so!
# 7 Goffs @ 03/04/10 08:44 PM
Will the 4-3 defense be ingame?
# 8 drterb @ 03/05/10 03:12 AM
Will there be music during the gameplay?? If so will it be a remixed/updated version of the original Tecmo Super Bowl music??

Will more than 2 players be allowed a la the original Tecmo Bowl Arcade??

Are playbooks editable? Will we be able to create our own plays??
# 9 boomhauertjs @ 03/05/10 07:49 AM
I second ExtremeGamer's questions.
# 10 boilerfan1509 @ 03/05/10 12:51 PM
Similar to rm217 Question.....when a player returns from injury.....will he run out of the hospital in full football gear??? That was freakin awesome!
# 11 elvistatexas @ 03/05/10 01:43 PM
will u be able to name them the nfl names
# 12 blackpuppy @ 03/06/10 02:12 AM
Will there be varying difficulty levels?
# 13 blackpuppy @ 03/06/10 08:15 AM
Will there be hidden players to unlock what you could re-name, like the DS version?
# 14 Skyliner80 @ 03/06/10 12:00 PM
Will there be online leagues or spectator mode?
# 15 lasthour @ 03/06/10 12:16 PM
1. Will teams have more (unique) plays?
2. How are team strengths and weaknesses portrayed?
3. Does the game require you to know the team you play against strengths/weaknesses?
4. Will there be tiers and how balanced is the game?
# 16 NFLfan80 @ 03/08/10 08:32 AM
Is the nickel and dime Defense present?
Can you edit team uniforms?
Can you choose who to send to the Pro Bowl?
# 17 ODogg @ 03/08/10 10:19 AM
Will there still be that cool sound effect when you throw the ball downfield?
# 18 CreatineKasey @ 03/08/10 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by ODogg
Will there still be that cool sound effect when you throw the ball downfield?
Does Marino still get his special sound effect when he's on good or excellent when throwing? The super high pitch zing? This is if I replicate Dan the man of course....
# 19 HesTheCoach @ 03/08/10 05:44 PM
There's some great ideas in this thread for a future Tecmo Bowl (next year's game?) but based on what I've seen I doubt any of it will be in this version. I doubt there'll be unique plays for each team or even that there will be a nickel or dime defense like in TSB III. Be awesome if that stuff was in the game, though.
# 20 Steve_OS @ 03/08/10 06:38 PM
Obviously won't get them all answered, but will send them out shortly, thanks all.

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